Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Straight from the Horse's Ass' Mouth Part Deux

This little gem from Terry O'Quinn had many of us Fishbitches chuckling at the Fishelage:

"AP: You've had other disagreements with the writers.

O'Quinn: At the end of Season 3 Locke throws a knife into Naomi's back and I said, 'This really hurts me, It's so not typical and it's so out of character and it seemed gratuitous.' I made the biggest stink I ever made with (executive producers) Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse and they said, 'Look, Locke believes he was doing the right thing. His life was saved, he's been told, he's been instructed. He believes that this is the most dangerous person in the world right now and he does what he does. Do it.' I said, 'Well, you know, if I stab her in the back couldn't I at least shoot Jack in the knee or something?

AP: What's it like working with such a large cast?

O'Quinn: One of the nice things about this cast, this size of cast, you get a new episode and you go, 'Oh great, now I get to work this little arc with Michael Emerson. We have a lot together. Or with Josh Holloway or Evangeline Lily and it's almost always a pleasure to find out who you're working with. Almost.

AP: Are there some you aren't pleased to work with?

O'Quinn: There've been some rough times but it's very familial in that way. It's like the holidays when you go, 'Oh God, uncle Bob's going to get drunk and abuse my cousin. But we'll get through it.'"

Canadian Press

No, tell us how you really feel, Terry. It doesn't take a Ph.D in Asshatology to infer just who Uncle Bob might be, especially with that kneecap hint further up-stream. Is that the sound of bubbles bursting? First we had rumours last year of a member of the cast being an outcast that no one wanted to work with. Then the above. And there is even MF's own acknowledgment that:

"He doesn't even hang out with the cast after hours, saying the attention surrounding the entertainment industry is strange and unnerving."

Herald Sun Australia

Really, Foxy, thought you were Mr. Sociable, paragon of camaraderie and fostering cast harmony. Or was that just what the more rabid fans wanted to believe? Another bubble of unreality gets popped.

"You think Kate's bad ass? Let me do it. I wanna do it."

Sorry John, the writers rained on your parade, didn't they?

But then to add to the hilarity, we got another shit-encrusted honking fat diamond in the rough from the MF himself. This guy just can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to making himself look like a pompus irresponsible jackass.

As if bragging about being a liar, cheater and manipulator in Men's Journal wasn't disturbing enough. As if joking about how he forced his fellow workmates into embarrassing drunken situations at parties; or puking on the stunt crew after partying before a water shoot wasn't crass and unprofessional enough, Matt Fox, hereafter to be dubbed Master Fucking Douchebag, has gone and opened his mouth again, and spewed forth even more foul-smelling bilge that has got to have his publicist running for the Hollywood hills.

"Matthew Fox has apparently confessed he breaks the law all the time.

The Lost star claims he is always taking illegal narcotics, but insists everyone breaks the law.

Matthew told Empire magazine: "I break the law all the time! I've done plenty of illegal narcotics, but I think everyone knowingly breaks the law pretty often, don't they? I can't imagine living my life abiding by the law completely. That'd be tough to do.

"My wife and I travelled to Jamaica 15 years ago. Oh God, it was a crazy trip! We stayed in this little bungalow out on the water, baked out of our minds for the first three days. We were just so stoned! And then we got sick and proceeded to continue to get stoned because that makes you feel better."

Matthew and his wife, former Italian runway model Margherita Ronchi met at Colombia University. They married in 1991 and have two children, nine-year-old daughter Kyle and six-year-old son Byron. They all live in Hawaii while Matthew films the hit TV series, and he revealed he enjoys a very laid-back lifestyle.

He said: "I'm naked outdoors a lot -- I live in Hawaii -- if naked outdoors means walking out to the pool naked and jumping in and walking back inside.""

Entertainment UK MSN

Digital Spy UK

So, according to MFD, abiding by the law is an elective thing, where you can cherry pick the ones you follow and the ones you blatantly and deliberately break. Pop. You know, because hey laws are no fun, man. Pop, pop.

The so-called star and supposed lead of a hit show on the ABC channel, a Disney company for frak's sake, is now apparently making light of his use of illegal drugs. Not just weed, which is bad enough. But NARCOTICS, peeps. Pop, pop, pop.

Some common usage examples of legal narcotics: Morphine, Codeine, OxyContin (Jack's drug of choice), Vicodin (House's drug of choice).

Some common usage examples of illegal narcotics: Heroin, Cocaine (crack), methamphetamines, ecstasy, LSD.

Is this a matter of art imitating life a little too closely. Are the writers bleeding MFD into their heroic doctor?

Reality sucks, don't it? Especially when illusions are dispelled so irrevocably. And kiddies, smoking weed makes you feel better when you're sick. Great message there, dickwad. Some role model. Think of your Tweener fans. Seriously. Or at least your kids, who have to grow up dealing with all of this crap coming to light about their daddy.

Considering the amount of flak various cast members have received for their DUI's (resulting in real repercussions to their status on the show for some of them), one wonders if MFD will finally be held accountable for his continued advocacy of behavior which is unacceptable and, in this case, possibly criminal.

But hey, I'm not holding my breath. And apparently you didn't either, Matt.

Updated: Just for you, Terry, because I hate to see an actor of your caliber not getting his wish:


Anonymous said...

Nice guy. Great role model. Would love to have him for my neighbor.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! Good one, Fish! :)

That drugs article sounds just like the kind of stuff he was peddling in his Men's Journal interview way back when. Is he really that desperate for people to think he's cool or something? I don't get why he thinks this kind of stuff is good for his image. Ugh. Just. Ugh.


Lynn said...

Ugh..this guy really just turns me off more and more. It's one thing to be covert when talking about past (or possibly present) "law breakage" but it's another thing to be just completely disgusting about it.

And I'm convinced that MF is indeed Uncle Bob. It makes me laugh & smile that TOQ wanted to shoot him in the knee..just like many of us wish he would have!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank Gods I'm not his neighbor! What a douchebag, no wonder he's the outcast, you'd have to be blind not to see that. Poor Maggie Grace, will she ever be the same? :D

- Caprica

Anonymous said...

You don't waste any time, do you, Fish?! LOL :)

Isn't MF a little old to have to pretend to be cool? What a role model for his kids. Sad. Maybe TOQ will get his wish before the end of the show.

Anonymous said...

Could Matthew Fox come across as a bigger tool? What a guy? He openly admits to lying through his teeth, messing with people’s minds, drinking until he is so hammers he throws up on the job and on the camera crew, and now this charming piece. Who is he trying to impress? He dresses like a stiff shirt who longs to look cool, acts like a middle aged frat boy and apparently used his diva status to treat the members of the Lost cast as if they were beneath him. I have been wondering how all the nasty rumours that are out there about MF stay out off the media radar. Looks like leaks are beginning to tarnish his vaulted ‘good guy’ image and some of the truth is finally coming out. TOQ and Dom are obviously not too fond of him and Evi doesn’t appear to be either. I would what TPTB who have punished people for DUI tickets are going to make of his comments about his love of narcotics. Hard drugs > one drink too many.

Anonymous said...

That is just sad! Why would he reveal such things to the public? He must think he is super cool, I feel bad for his family. I wonder what his wife thinks of him dragging her name into it. It's bad enough he told on himself but did he really have to say she was wasted with him? Jerk.

Surly said...

Foxy does indeed seem like a tool, but I will say that TOQ's comments re shooting Jack in the knee had to do with his perceived inconsistencies in Locke's character (you know, why would "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Locke so readily off Naomi? And if he felt that strongly about the freighter and his killin' cherry got broke, why not kneecap Jack while he was at it?) Unlike MF, TOQ is too classy to air his laundry in public. But the Uncle Bob comment was hilarious. Anonymous, where are the Dom and Evi comments of which you speak?

Anonymous said...


You're right that TOQ's comments re shooting Jack in the knee had to do with his perceived inconsistencies in Locke's character. But he used Jack to illustrate his point. It is thought that was on purpose.

And TOQ has aired some dirty laundry before. It was when he expressed his dislike about working with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Surly said...

Never heard that about TOQ and AAA. I was under the impression AAA didn't like working on the show at all, thought he was too high-end for it. Guess the feeling was mutual!

freckles said...

WOW! What's he thinking? Why would Daddy Fox say this? His kids are 9 and 6; way too young to understand this and put it into proper perspective. If he doesn't care about what the public or his employers think, so be it. That's cool. But Kyle and Byron deserve a daddy they can respect and look up to, not an immature aging frat boy that obviously condones this sort of behavior and the serious problems it can lead to.

Iamme said...

This really does not surprise me in the least. I've always known he was a loser.

Anonymous said...

Extra classy of him to drag the wife into it...And wow, father of the year much?

joemamaah said...

This guy is a real piece.

Unbelievable! I like this from the last 3 sentences of the Herald Sun Australia article:

‘‘It's weird when my children's friends or their friends' parents make a big deal of it (his fame).

‘‘I would prefer to see scientists celebrated. There's a lot that needs to be done to save this planet of ours.''

Yup, Fox, all that attention you get would save the planet.

Anonymous said...

Yes he wants to save his kids from papparazzi but letting them know that daddy loves drugs is not going to harm them at all. Geez1

Has anyone read the comments at Dark UFO? It really removes all doubt about the quality of people that visit that board. The same a-holes who pontificate every week against the Fish's reviews are over there saying they want to pretty much canonize Foxy for being so honest about his love of illegal narcotics! And these are the fans that TPTB rely on to tell them how they're doing with their show. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than write essays dishing supposed dirt on people YOU'VE NEVER MET??? So, you've decided Mr. Fox is the cast outcast based on no actual information whatsoever. And you're judge and jury about this supposed drug gossip that was actually misquoted and mangled from the original interview. So, I ask again - is there not some better use of your time? Some volunteer work, perhaps?

Or maybe you're right. Maybe if you hate Mr. Fox enough they'll fire him and make Josh Holloway the star of Lost. Until that happens, you can just continue spreading malicious gossip that has no basis in reality.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This isn't malicious gossip. Mr. Foxy McFoxerson blabbed it all himself. He thinks drugs are kewell. And he doesn't care if his kids know it.

It's so funny that all the sanctimonious Fox fans have to constantly stick their heads back into the sand because the object of their worship is such an insufferable DOUCHE! They fell in love with Dr. Dudly DoRight but the real man behind the mask is nothing but a pig.

Anonymous said...

And you're judge and jury about this supposed drug gossip that was actually misquoted and mangled from the original interview.
Supposed? It's a quote attributed to Mr. Fox himself and not too different from other interviews he has given where he looks like a blowhard (definition: a conceited and self-centered person, a braggart). If the quote was mangled, then back up that assumption with the actual quote from the actual source. Otherwise is it just your opinion that he was misquoted and that is worth a lot less than Foxy's next fix.

kodama said...

In that Empire interview, MF also gave his ass a 6.5 out of 10 for hairiness. Made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who posted at 1:20 PM,

Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than write comments dishing supposed criticism on someone YOU'VE NEVER MET??? So, you've decided Fishbiscuit is the misguided one based on no actual information whatsoever. And you're judge and jury about someone relaying actual quotes regarding drug use that were actual MF quotes from the original interview. So, I ask again - is there not some better use of your time? Some volunteer work, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I don't care about all that stuff. MF should have died in the pilot, as planned. I'm only commenting because I've been reading Fishbicuit reviews at DARKUFO and they are top-notch. Bookmark this site? Ohellz yes. I always look forward to the succinct and often enlightening reviews.

Matt D. said...

Don't care either way. Don't believe what other people say. Don't believe everything you read. Don't care if Matt's smokin' weed. Make a show, make some cash, laugh on the way to the bank. Jump in your pool, naked splash gotta have something that rhymed with cash. Dig?

Men's Journal's for wannabe models who preen and stand in front of mirror all day. Heck if I know the other rag, don't care again...not my bag, grab bag, pot stash, dime bag, lid, kid, split, fit.

Shouldn't bother anyone what some dummy actor does or doesn't do. Says or doesn't say. If he does, when he does, what he does. Hawaii might as well by Pluto.

Short life, cancer scare, ball sack full of tumors. Run scared, get your licks in now, times running down...gotta run clown(s)....

Anonymous said...

these comments make me shudder for the future of humanity.

matthew fox has done nothing wrong. he has mentioned that he does illegal drugs. so do i, and so do a lot of people. that these drugs shouldn't *be* illegal is the real issue, & i say good on him for bringing to light that the majority of normal people are curious about this & at some point, experiment.

this is ridiculous, i actually had some hope that people were getting smarter about stuff like this. why don't *you* all go continue the war on drugs & let *us* get on with taking them. because you do realise that making drugs illegal has never actually stopped *one person* taking them, right? all it does is criminalise a large majority of the population that are otherwise law-abiding, decent, hard-working people.

matthew fox is probably teaching his kids the realities about drugs, which is more than i can say for any of the offspring that has been/is gonna be created by the geniuses commenting on this board.

and fishbiscuit, i've been reading all your posts with a smile on my face up until now. i hate jack too (as a character) but i've got nothing against matthew fox. it makes me sick that you would use an honest & quite intelligent interview to bolster hatred of a *real person* online, because you disagree with his views. that's just not right.

you didn't argue your point, you attacked him. that's such a c*nt of a thing to do, & it shows a real immaturity that, from your analysis of the show, i didn't expect from you.

your analysis of fictitious situations are well thought-out, while your opinions about real life matters need a lot of f*cking research. stick to lost love, or at least think before you write something.