Friday, November 23, 2007

Gobble gobble, says the turkey

Seems we all woke yesterday (some with turkey hangovers, some with the regular variety) to the smell of freshly baked Banshee batshit wafting from the Couch, complete with her patented prolixity and a few Jaterific illustrations.

We've seen the potentially acid-induced Banshee version. Now how about a bit of reality thrown in, just to keep it interesting.


But separation will never be enough to make them or those around them forget to whom they belong...Nor can it erase all the smiles, hugs, chats by the fireside, lingering touches, and looks that without a word-seem to say with their eyes all that their hearts are thinking. Which is how blessed they each feel to have someone who;

* believes in me (Jate)

“I don’t know what you’re capable of”

“What did they offer you?”

vs. * believes in me (Skate)

“…making more of an effort.”

* gives me a second chance (Jate)

“Stop lying to me!”

vs. * gives me a second chance (Skate)

“Don’t beat yourself up, Freckles.”

* inspires me to grow (Jate)

*Spoon–licking mentality, speaks for itself*

vs. * inspires me to grow (Skate)

“You ain’t gotta use me, Freckles…”

* challenges me (Jate)

“You’re not coming!”

vs. * challenges me (Skate)

“Is that why you jumped me last night?”

* makes me laugh

*Or, more often than not, in the case of Jate*

*versus Skate*

* sees my potential (Jate)

Jack: *attaches perfectly safe, non-explosive-filled backpack to incompetent girl’s back*

vs. * sees my potential (Skate)

“Because if the lady wants to come…”

* is always with me when I'm afraid (Jate)

vs. * is always with me when I'm afraid (Skate)

* helps me heal

* will always come back for me (Jate)

*IF he can find the Island again, that is*

vs. * will always come back for me (Skate)

* makes me feel weak in the knees (Jate)

vs. * makes me feel weak in the knees (Skate)

* I can trust implicitly (Jate)

vs. * I can trust implicitly (Skate)

“You in?”

* deeply cares (Jate)

vs. * deeply cares (Skate)

* has my back (Jate)

vs. * has my back (Skate)

* guards my vulnerabilities (Jate)

“I want the truth!”

vs. * guards my vulnerabilities (Skate)

* leaves me breathless (Jate)

vs. * leaves me breathless (Skate)

* will watch over me (Jate)

vs. * will watch over me (Skate)

* won't give up on me (Jate)

*until the hot blonde woman enters the picture*

vs. * won't give up on me (Skate)

“…to wake you up!”

* tells me it will be alright

* is always there for me

* would sacrifice themselves for my happiness

* will fight for me

* gives me hope (Jate)

“I asked you not to come back here for me, and I wish that you hadn’t.”

vs. * gives me hope (Skate)

* makes me feel safe

* will always stand by my side (Jate)

vs. * will always stand by my side (Skate)

* loves me unconditionally

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