Saturday, March 13, 2010


Unfortunately, real life has intruded on my LOST life, and I won't have time this week to do a recap of Dr. Linus. Apologies to anyone who came looking for it, but I PROMISE I'll be back next week. In fact, wild horses couldn't keep me away.

Even though we have so little time left with LOST,it's still a good idea to get away from it now and then. It can mess with your head if you think about it too much.

And now that the end days are almost here, we all have to start dealing with the fact that most of our theories and wishes and way cool Imaginary Lost scenarios are about to get their Judgment Day. It's only going to End. Once. 

You have to feel for our good friends Darlton who are going to have to deal with fans reacting to the irrevocable final cut of LOST.


I predict a lot of second guessing and epic message board bitchfests. A lot of cherished fantasies are going to bite the dust. 

But while we still have time, we can enjoy all the great imagination of the LOST fandom, thinking up all the shows that LOST could have been, if only it weren't, you know, LOST.

I've seen a lot of great fanon out there, but this is my fave, currently. Just think about it! With this cast, and just a wee bit of CGI, LOST could have been ... 

 See ya next week!


Anonymous said...

Sawyer in a dress? That's just wrong on so many levels. ROFL!

See you next week! :)


Anonymous said...

Dr Linus was a snorefest anyway. I doubt even the wittiest and insightful of Fish recaps would change that fact.

See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is OK, and will definitely look forward to your recap next week!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, real life has intruded on my LOST life, and I won't have time this week to do a recap of Dr. Linus.
Of course it did, and it has absolutely nothing to do with neither Kate nor Sawyer getting any screen time this week.

Dr Linus was a snorefest anyway
Well, aren't you a smart one? One might even wonder why the hell you watch this show in the first place. Yes, an Emmy award winning actor acting his soul out makes you sleepy. You're probably right.

Johnny C. Georgie said...

You certainly deserve a break, Fish. But I do hope we'll get to hear at least some thoughts of yours about Dr. Linus; personally it was my favorite episode of the season so far. I have a feeling though, next week's will be yours ;)

Henry Holland said...

Unfortunately, real life has intruded on my LOST life, and I won't have time this week to do a recap of Dr. Linus.


This was the first place on the web that I checked today because I so wanted to read FB's take. Damn damn and damn.

Enjoy your stupid poopyhead Sawyer episode. [sulks off, pouts]

jessica said...

a snorefest??!!! how could you have not like this episode?!!!! :)

Chris said...

Incredible FBL. I come here hoping your Dr Linus recap will blow me out of the water - instead, your non-recap blows me out of the water.

I love this site and all your recaps. Enjoy your break!

SockeRock said...

How about the fact nothing really happened in this episode? Ilana finds out Ben killed Jacob, and dumbbell stays with her after she said Jacob was like a father to her. Guess he's gotten hit in the head one too many times to be that stupid. Most people would have headed for the hills. Then dumbbell is shocked when Ilana wants to kill him, because he killed a man she thought of as a father. DUH! But he gives her a sob story and she no longer wants to kill him and presto change-oh, Ben is redeemed. He's finally one of the good guys.

The only interesting thing in the island story was Miles digging up the diamonds, and the book entitled, "The Chosen" laying on the floor of Sawyer's tent. It has to be Sawyer's tent, as he's the only one of the survivors that's ever picked up a book.

The off-island story was all about Ben's failed attempt to become principal and giving it all up for his beloved student Alex. Pardon me while I yawn. The only thing interesting in this timelime was the Roger/Ben scene and hearing Danielle raised Alex alone, so things still didn't work out with Danielle/Robert even without going to Devil's Island.

Of all the season 6 episodes I'd like to rewatch, Dr. Linus isn't one of them.

flowerchild said...

We miss you, Ms. Fishbiscuit. Life certainly has a way of getting in the way. I guess it's up to your loyal fanbase to keep up the conversation. Except for you (usually) Anonymous whiners, such as the guy proclaiming Dr. Linus is a "snorefest". Why don't you (a) go watch Transformers. You'd like it - all action and no plot,or (b) go write an incredibly complex epic then come back and tell us how easy it is.
Anyway, like Fish, I think Lost has taken a decidedly Biblical direction. After "Sundown" I think we can safely say that the Man in Black is Satan, the Tempter. He appears to have enslaved the souls of the dead on the island (is Craphole Island Hell?) and is using them as a means to an end. (The Loophole). But what of Jacob? Like Fish and Jack, I find him neither the opposite of MIB (Good Incarnate) nor particularly likeable. The reason - Jacob is a decidedly Old Testament god, particualrly god as we know him from the troubling Book of Job. He believed in Man's goodness then entered into a wager with Satan to prove it by manipulating and torturing his "Man of Faith" Job.
What we need is a New Testament type god - a Redeemer, "one who pays the price to bring a slave out of bondage (the redeemed). Will that New Testament god need to die to "pay the price?" Probably. Who will it be? My three "cantidates" in order of likelihood are:
Jack: Reason (1) the name. Jack is a nickname for Jacob as well as for John and the Good Sheppard is a nickname for Jesus. (2) He is of the lineage of David, as was Jesus. (3) He died in the pilot. My guess is they did not change their original plot, just decided not to reveal it in the beginning.
Hurley: Reason (1) He is the purest of the Losties and has a special gift.(2) Since the golf game, he has shown a gentle leadership and ability to bring people together. (3) He is wearing a really bing red shirt.
Sawyer: Reasons - (1) the name. Those of you who are history/English geeks like myself know that the Jacobean Period of English history refers to the reign of James the 1st.(2) He has been willing to sacrifice himself for others numerous times. We know that Satan counts on Man being self-serving as his Constant. But we learned in Dr. Linus that sometimes there is the Variable of Sacrifice, this time because of a man's love for his daughter. Sawyer could demonstrate that same sacrifice because of a man's love for a woman. (3) Lost writers love irony and it would be the ultimate irony for the "every man for himself" character to pay the price for the redemption of others. I know Fish, I don't want it either, but we've got to face the possibility.

Anonymous said...

Of course it did, and it has absolutely nothing to do with neither Kate nor Sawyer getting any screen time this week.

Where do these bitches come from Fish? Do they miss all the weeks when you review all the episodes that don't feature Sawyer or Kate? And who the fck are these people who think you owe THEM an explanation? Entitled little fanboy pigs.

Carte blanche said...

Re: Flower Child's comment: I would add Kate's name to the list. Just wonder if Kate, #51, will volunteer to die in #15 Sawyer's place? He sacrificed already by jumping out of the helicopter. She has been off the island and there was nothing there for her. I'll never forget that scene when she arrived at the airport to find no one there to meet her. She just stood there looking around and clinging to Aaron. I don't think she would want to go through that again without Sawyer by her side. I can picture her volunteering to be Eve after all in order to save Sawyer and let him get off the island. It is also very Biblical because no greater love has he than one who lays down his life for another. This would also achieve her redemption.

Carte blanche said...

One more note: don't want either of them to die! Hope they end up happy together on or off the island. Their romance is beautiful to behold.

mynamesdan said...

disappointed about the recap, but looking forward to the next. Your recaps are a fully integrated part of my lost ritual.

To sum up Dr Linus: I wanted somebody to cuddle Ben, but I'm glad it wasn't richard- and I don't think it's particularly nice to see Richard out of those chains. I sincerely hope he reveals some truths before he throws himself off a cliff.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Hey fish Vozzeks review had this line in it...

"If Sawyer somehow ends up with Kate again, a good many people will go absolutely berserk... and probably rightfully so"


Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

Kyle from Kentucky said...

may underage incestual porn be illegal by hanging in Asia

Chris said...

Hey Fish :)

Officially this is one of my top 3 LOST post this month -

Not bad for a non-recap :)