Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight was the much anticipated debut of Lost's Season Six promotional campaign. And what did we get?

Looky looky! It's Skate Cage Nooky!!!

The first Season Six promo aired at 8:30 EST on ABC tonight and what a shock! Seems like all those rumors of The Death of Skate were wildly premature! Color me shocked! In a totally awesome way!

If you want to feast on the bitterness of the ENRAGED fanboys, you must get yourself over to the comments section of DarkUFO and laugh your bugshagging butts off! Party on, Skaters!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo for the Skatey Lost promo! I was expecting at worst Jate crap and at best general character shots. And notice how Sawyer and Kate are the only ones shown on frame together. Hmm. That does my imagination good.

Anonymous said...

Haha I loves it!

Kyle from Kentucky said...

I don't know how many times I've talked to people about this but I was always always sick of the shipper club anyway. But I am just one of those huge fans of the show since the very beginning. And I will never debate which character should end up with which in the shipper argument. But watching every single second of lost at least 3 times over there is just no doubt in my mind that Jack and Kate are awful together and Sawyer and her were meant for eachother. Reading the shit on Darkufo and knowing that is a Jate site thru and thru the comments just cracked me up.

No mattter what I know there are tons of things that need to be explained and need to happen before this is all said and done and very little of it needs to be wasted on shipper stuff but the thing is Jack and Kate have made me want to vomit since 2004. Bad bad couple. I mean when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter and kissed her I was like wow that's a hell of a dude and seeing Jacks face was like god go away douschebag. Please God do not make the final season be all about shippers but if that is a major point her ending up with Jack will be something I never get over.

SockeRock said...

There was still way too much Jack in that promo. I know they insist he's the big star, and big hero and blah blah blah, but he's just so lame.

Of all the visits Jacob made in the finale, Jack's was the lamest. Sawyer got a pen from Jacob that he wrote his letter with. Kate got the lunch box she and Tom buried their time capsule in and Hurley got Charlie's guitar. What did Jack get? A candy bar that had no history and another daddy doesn't love me flashback.

His father talked him through surgery and if he hadn't Jack would have cut and run because he doesn't have what it takes. Interesting that when Jack told Kate his wittle story he left out the fact daddy helped him through his surgery.

Anonymous said...

I am LMAO at the nutjobs over at Darkufo. They really managed to convince themselves that they are the only fans that matter.

There was ONE! scene of sexy romance, among about 25 different shots they used. ONE! Ok, it was a great one, but still it hardly defined the promo. But they were all spitting bullets over it, crying like cranky little babies because EWW!!! Skate is like DED, right?

LMAO!! This will keep me happy all weekend. Thanks Fish!

Anonymous said...

LOL, shock and awe. I love it!

SockeRock: Good point about the lameness of Jack's Jacob moment.

Bring on S6!!


Anonymous said...

For all Skate is supposed to be "insignificant", its detractors sure seem to love going on about it.

Suliet is dead, kiddos. Get over it and move on. Watch V and pretend Erica Evans is a reincarnated Juliet or something.

SockeRock said...

Someone over at TMZ made a comment that I thought spoke volumes. They were doing a story on Josh Holloway being fat or some such nonsense and one poster said Josh Holloway has surpassed Matthew Fox as lead of the show, and it's true. He's the true lead of the show. Not that ABC or Darlton will ever admit it and will continue to push Fox as the star.

In regards to Sawyer/Juliet, Darlton said it was over when Kate came back and that's the same episode it started. It was always just a filler. They didn't even write it as a real romance. They didn't show the first kiss, the first sex scene, the first anything. It was just wham-bam they're a couple. And character-wise the pairing never made any sense. At least you got to seem most of the icky Jack/Kate romance.

I think the Jack fanboys are going to have a lot more to have a fit about then an old Sawyer/Kate clip. They dropped a lot of stuff in and I think Sawyer is the one with the destiny on the island, not Jack.

If Jack's plan works, that means he'll be off the island, again, after just coming back. While Sawyer's been on the island.

They had Sawyer having that long look at the island [akin to Not Locke staring at it when he got back] before climbing on the sub.

They had Sawyer the only one to receive an item that belonged to Jacob and he used Jacob's pen to write his letter.

He's hurt his foot several times for no reason and Jacob lives in a foot.

The name James means Jacob in Latin and the Others speak Latin.

There's a lot more, but has Jack even got that much. If I'm right, the fanboys are going to hit the roof.

Anonymous said...

Awesome review Fish!! If Darlton have included this scene on the promo that,s obviously on purpouse. Skate has been the end game since the first glance. About fanboys, as we say in my country: " no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver". Go Skate!!

flowerchild said...

Bravo ms. fishbiscuit. I's great to finally read an analysis that is more than a plot summary. I agree with most of your points and have little to add - except - a little character anlysis and support for Kate. She was the darling of the show for two seasons then certain segments of our fanbase turned on her. Damon and Carlton have done an amazing job giving us small pieces of her complex backstory, but we don't yet know her whole story.
I believe she is a much more wounded character than we now understand. She claims that Wayne never touched her, but do we believe her? (I've oftened wondered is there is another, younger sister whom he did touch, and whom Kate tried to protect. It would explain her comment on the time capsule tape.) We do know that she is sickened by the fact that his DNA is a part of her and is enslaved by the belief that she is thus unable to be Good. We also know that all her aliases were names of Saints and that she always called Edward March on Saints Days. Clearly this is a woman longing for redemption. I'm going to use redemption with its ancient Greek meaning: a redeemer pays the price to buy freedom for a slave. Kate appears to beleive that if she can love and win the love of a Good Man (a physician or a policeman) that she in turn will be good. Sawyer, a conman and a murderer simply does not qualify.
Sawyer hasn't helped the matter either. He almost had her for his own when he returned from the raft, but then male hubris and lack of anger management got in the way. He used her to pull off the Long Con of stealing the guns. Then to make matters worse he informed her that conning was his nature and that "A tiger don't change its stripes." Is it any wonder that she doen't trust him. She wants to defy her mother's foreshadowning comment, "You can't help who you love," but she is intensely drawn to him. Clearly she does not want to love this man. So lighten up a bit on Kate, SciFi Guys.
For that matter, lighten up on Damon and Carleton for having the dreaded (by some) love triangle in the first place. What you need to understand is that they are not making Blade Runner; they are making Star Wars. They are not writing Carrie; they are writing the Odyssey or Dr. Zhivago, or. . . In other words they are writing an epic. To confirm all that that means, check out your notes from English 100, but one thing that it does include is love. Why? Because love, passion, jealousy, and hurt are an essentialy part of want makes us human. If you don't trust literature on this matter, study history. Read up on the Tudors, for example. If you don't trust history, look at current affairs. Analyze the inept exploits of South Carolina governor Mark Stanford or the always fascinating and intense Clinton marriage. If you don't trust current affairs, study psychology. Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs has sex right in there with food and water. Love is close by, far above things like self-actualization. So embrace the triangle, Sci-Fi Guys,as part of the total Lost package. Surely love is an interesting as Egyptology or the Vanzetti thesis.

Denise said...

I say BRAVO flowerchild! Thank you so much for these thoughtful and intelligent comment. I wished more people would be so mature and see this show in that light. BRAVO!