Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tales from the Fishelage: A Must See Skate Vid

Wondering about those parallels we pesky roach-like Skaters keep seeing while watching Imaginary Lost?

Well, check this out (Bubbles, you may want to don your tinfoil hats, stick your fingers in your ears and chant Lalalalala for a few mins):

The mighty Jo has struck again with Skate gold.

Her own intro to the vid:

Three people, three wishes.

Jack wants a lover who will reflect the glory he so desperately needs to see in himself.
Kate wants to forget, but she's still in love with a hero.
Sawyer just wants to live in peace with himself. And Kate.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely video Jo! I love the way some of your scenes are edited, with the comparisons between Monica and Kevin/Jack and I particularly love the way Kate's painting in her house fades into that image of Sawyer emerging from the ocean. Really well done!


Anonymous said...

Argh, I'm really upset. I just read interviews with Evi and Josh in the latest Lost magazine.

Evi's all Jater now.

And Josh even said the helicopter jump was "the closure to their relationship"!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course the Jaters on the fuselage are all having heart attacks. ='[

jessica said...

I think Evi wants her character to stop to go back and forth and also she wants to please both ships. For now it is jack and kate and season five is gonna be about how they got together (people who believe their story was finish in 1 episode are a little... you know lol) so I guess that is why she is praising Jate but as the rest of us she doesn't know.

Linnea said...

Awesome video, I love that song!