Friday, December 14, 2007

We Were Wrong

Never let it be said that we can't admit our mistakes around here. All this time we've been dissing Matthew Fox because we didn't understand why he was playing the glorious Hero of Lost as such an insufferable douche....How did we not realize he was actually creating a characterization of unique and powerful art?
Look here at what a 29-year old, male, non shipping, non hormonal, heterosexual Fan of Fox has explained to us. The scales are falling off our eyes:

"What started during the second season took full flight during season three. At some point, Fox stopped being the traditional hero of the piece and started becoming, well, kind of a dick. Jack is everything a hero should NOT be: self-righteous, angry, spiteful, jealous, manipulative and obsessive compulsive to an almost freakazoid nature. And Matthew Fox plays him so expertly, so deftly... Every time he was on screen he did something more maniacal, more dastardly and more unlikable. Fox is taking equal parts Captain Ahab, George W. Bush, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz and every jealous ex-boyfriend in the history of jealous ex-boyfriends, throwing them all into a blender and hitting puree to create Jack. And as a result, he's not just giving the best performance on the show, he's giving the best male performance of the year."
(credit goes to Prof Dez for finding this particular gem)
B-b-b-but how does this correspond to the MosesJesusYahweh figure that the Fuse fans spend days and nights worshiping?

Forever_Erica: "His compulsiveness to care so much lies in what he does and not always in what he says, and that is what makes Jack this great leader. Rose said it best, "You have a nice way about you. A good soul, patient, caring." "

Shoegirl:"We will delight and discover that there are more beautiful colors of his soul and brush strokes of his humanness. Jack is an ever changing exquisite breathtaking masterpiece."

Shoegirl:"His arms are strong, his hands hold guns, and babies."

Flyer:"The Losties would be lost without Jack. They’d be killing each other over a fish or dying of thirst while they whined over who should have to go to the caves to get water or they’d drown in the ocean following their destiny. He’s their compass."
Does Jack being "maniacal, dastardly and unlikable" and/or this string of pearls - "self-righteousness, angry, spiteful, jealous, manipulative and obsessive compulsive to an almost freakazoid nature" - really require any acting on Foxy's part. Or is this just a case of art imitating life?
And please tell me again just who got nominated as finalists for Emmys this year? And who won?

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