Friday, March 30, 2007

A scan, a scan, my kingdom for a scan.

Well, the new Lost Magazine is out and already causing quite a kerfuffle in the shipping world. Sadly, everyone is scrambling around for someone to give us the full lowdown on the Sawyer/Kate Love Island interview.

All we have so far is this (from Betsy on the Fuse?):

"I thought it was actually pretty interesting......although I really don't care about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer interaction.

Evangeline believes that Kate loves Sawyer because he loves her for who she is; He loves her in a pure, clean way and that's why she loves him. Kate loves Jack for who he is, but Jack doesn't love her for who she is. Problem is that Kate doesn't love who Sawyer is - she wishes he could be more noble. Her quote:

"It's beautiful and tragic because Kate loves the wrong guy. She loves the guy that doesn't really love her and isn't that so true of how we often are in reality?""

Which is enough to be causing some rumblings in both camps.

I like the way De Chantal of L-F put it...

"Well, I've been among the most negative here, but I actually found that quote to be pretty good for Skate.

1. Sawyer's love is clean and pure.
2. Jack's love is conditional and inferior.
3. Sawyer is the right guy.

What Evi is saying there is that little worthless-feeling Kate has a masochistic streak and the feelings she has for Jack are unhealthy. If the writers are on board with that interpretation, since the purpose of characters is growth, there is plenty to feel good about in that quote. The only 'tragedy' for Kate would be if she stayed fixated on Jack, the wrong guy."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Whacked Out Promos...

Dudes, those ABC promo guys are seriously on crack these days, or they need to get laid worse than the Bubbleheads. Now I am not averse to seeing some hot chicks cat-fighting over a guy while in wet tee's and maybe with some strawberry jello, I mean it's fun entertainment right? But on Lost? Isn't this meant to be an intelligent, mystery drama? Whose sticky wet dream was this on the writing staff to have two of the strongest women in the show turn into shrieking banshees and come blows in the pouring rain over JudasJack (tm CJ)?

There's more going on here than we think judging by the editing, but still, give me a frakking break, it makes Juliet and Kate look like Alexis and Krystal from Dynasty. It's downright embarrassing for the characters and the actresses forced to perform those scenes. I thought Gregg was reassuring us that the show wasn't going to descend into the depths of daytime soap hell (which it would if it ever followed the Jater bible). I guess we got punk'd. Maybe Lost HAS sunk to hack soap opera levels. Mind you, the Jate promo recently was pretty laughable too, especially after having watched the actual episode and seen how degraded and humiliated Kate was by Jack. Nothing in the world would keep them apart? Except Jack's frakking betrayal, the submarine deal he made to leave her behind in cuffs and with her life hanging in the balance. *chortle* Yeah, that's true abiding love, that is.

So...I still have hope that Kate's actually kicking ass for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is she's rutting tired of being given a guilt trip by an Other who's playing mind games with her...again. If I were her I'd be wanting to punch a few faces in too. Of course JudasJack would be top of the list, followed by Benjy the red eyed little weasel, maybe Crazed!Locke too for good measure. Oh, and Tom for that really bad girly pass in Par Avion.

I'm gonna hold judgement till the episode airs. Maybe it's not gonna be as godawful cheesy and Jacksus focused as the promo would have us believe.

Anyways, I presume y'all wanna talk, gloat, rant, speculate about this latest pretty darn hilarious promo, and maybe even about Expose. Which was an okay filler episode (Ding Dong Pikki is dead!) but a let down from all the hype. Iconic? Game-changing? Gah! When will we learn not to trust the hype? Read more...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So, whatja think....

I've got some thoughts kicking around the computer, but they aren't ready for Prime Time yet, so in response to the poster who wants a new topic--
Is Cooper aka Locke's Daddy Dearest the "real" Sawyer?
If he is, what's that going to mean for "our" Sawyer?
And speaking of our Sawyer, what ever happened to his letter? Did it just disintegrate in the sea when he was on the raft or is this another mystery of the island--paper does not dissolve in water, even when tied to the leg of a seabird or stuffed in a pocket of someone who nearly drowns.
Have fun!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The WIsdom of Solomon

The latest in the Skater/Jater battles sort of reminds me of the story of Solomon and the baby. In the story, two women claimed to be the mother of a child. Solomon said he would cut the child in half and give half to each. One agreed and the other said, "No, give her the child." Solomon then declared that she was the rightful mother because she was not willing to have the child killed.

Most Skaters seem to be willing to have Kate go with Jack if it means the end of the triangle. To kill Kate and Sawyer's characters by continuing with this farce is no longer tolerable to most Skaters. The Jaters, however, are still holding out full force for their side. which group really wants the best for Kate? Read more...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dueling Cripples: The Ballad of John and Benry

This was a tough one to figure out. Let's see what we can do with it. We'll start with this-

Ben is in a wheelchair:

And John is not.

But John used to be in a wheelchair, because on the Island of Very Bad Daddies, he is definitely in the running for the boobie prize.

When the plane landed John Locke ( coincidental namesake of the philosophical proponent of the Tabula Rasa or Clean Slate theory of human development) was instantly cured. And instantly in love with this Island that seems to most of the other survivors like the seventh circle of a vile psychological hell. Alone among the survivors Locke is HAPPY to be here.

And strangely enough Ben is happy too that John Locke came wandering into his bedroom with a gun. Ben and John share some kind of bond with this island. Do we know what it is? Of course not! Do the writers? Probably not yet! But they'll think of something eventually, don't worry.

In the meantime, we have The Wishing Box (Fanboys around the globe collectively groan and cream their pants at the implications). When Ben first started talking about his wishing box, he sounded a little nutty. And given Ben's appearance:'s not a stretch to think he might have been talking through his pain meds. But it turns out Ben really does have a wishing box. Or a wishing box metaphor. Ok? We don't need to fight about whether it's supposed to be an actual box or just a virtual box. Doesn't matter. Ben can make things appear when he needs them.

Like a spinal surgeon when he grows a tumor on his spine.

Or a daughter to call his own (even though he seems a little bit like he might be a confirmed "bachelor" wink/wink).

or even a nice crazy madman to come and get him out of the tight spot he got himself into with our other featured player....

Dr. Prick, M.D.

See, Ben promised Jack he'd get him a free ride home. Only he didn't really want to keep the promise. And he didn't know how (unfortunately) to just kill Dr. Prick without seeming like he was a bad man. When John Locke appeared, Ben had his answer. Get him to blow up Jack's sweet ride home and let him think it was his own idea. He gently coaxed Locke through the process, helped him retrieve his dynamite and made sure none of the many loaded rifles on the island crossed his path. Locke did what he had to do.

which meant Dr. Prick had to stay and face the fact that he'd abandoned the dear friends he loves so very much:

which should be really fun (or not) to deal with when they all head home to the campfire gang.

Kate especially should have a nice trip home, knowing that the man she just risked her neck for thought so much of her he didn't just abandon her, he let her know it was her own damn fault!

Don't you love him? He's soooooo cute! And he plays the piano! And so smart! He knew Kate & Sayid would be safe as babies based on teh WORD of the guy who....uh, had no intention of ever keeping his word to let Jack escape like a bunny with Juliet. Maybe he should have taken a few more poker lessons back there in Phuket.

Did someone say Surprise Ending?

Turns out the wishing box thing wasn't a joke at all. And it also doesn't work for anyone but Ben. Since John was so helpful to him, he decided to wish for a present for John. Maybe something he could practice exploding things off of - DAD?

An ugly episode all in all. Ben has a very ugly black heart. John Locke has a beautiful face with beautiful eyes:

but his brain is bent in a very ugly way these days. Dr. Prick, as usual, is just ugly, inside and out. Kate being made to feel guilty because Jack wanted to blame her for his own ratfinkedyness was very ugly. Sayid being ignored by the shithead he came to save was sad and ugly.

But there was one beautiful thing in this episode. Really just this. A mother saw her baby after 16 years apart, afraid to step out of the bushes and speak, but just dazzled by the sight of the woman she'd magically become:

It might have been the only honest emotional moment in the whole episode. A good episode, nasty, rotten, twisted. Vintage Lost.

As long as they keep Locke front and center on this show...

It can never be all bad.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Locked... and Loaded?

The episode has aired on the East coast and is moving its way cross country, so if any of you are up for it, feel free to discuss your thoughts, ideas, opinions, confusion...about the Man from that city in Florida that Damon and Carlton seem awfully fond of...(what is it with Tallahasee and those guys?) Read more...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Serious Question--Yes, You Heard Me Right--A Serious Question

We've all heard that Kate is going to either be betrayed or feel betrayed by one of her own. So who do you think is going to do the deed--Jack, Locke, Sayid or the dark-horse entry--Danielle?

Kate isn't really that attached to Danielle to see it as a betrayal, imo. I can't see any motivation for Sayid. We've been set up to think it's going to be Locke. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's Jack and he gets knocked off his Zeus-like throne of godly-goodness. But as we wait for the episode to air, what do you think? Read more...

Well, well, well. Whaddaya know...

Insiderscoop Episode Summary is up. And it's a doozy.

WARNING: do not click on this unless you want to be majorly spoiled. And even then you may want to NOT READ the last part of the summary, the ending is THAT GOOD. Consider youself warned.

Looks like we are gonna have a lot to discuss in the next few days. Read more...

Monday, March 19, 2007

The fun never stops...

I get a lot of bullcrap for pointing out and mocking stupidity and blind ignorance in all of its forms. I've been called offensive, which I think is pretty frakking funny. I apparently got mentioned quite a few times on the Dark UFO site, and wow, thanks for the shout out guys. Really, this is my own personal journal and I am entitled to my own opinions. So rag on me all you like, it shows that maybe, just maybe, some reality is getting through to you Bubbleheads.

But please...when you post on a public forum, you are fair game. You set yourself up for looking like a blabbering idiot or a nasty bitch with your own rutting words.

Take these for example, more proof that some Jaters really don't give a shit about Kate, and hate her if she's not licking Jack's pompous ass and begging forgiveness for her sexual choices sins:

Flyer (Fuselage) - "Personally, I'm more concerned about how Sayid reacts to Jack's predicament than Kate. I don't think the Island Porn Star is any position to judge how one handles being held captive."

SexyLibrarian (TWoP) - "I find it rather a nice change of pace from the pity fucking that Kate was saddled with. Yeah, J/K were kept apart by one of the lamest scenarios possible: let's see, we'll separate Jack from Kate and Sawyer - put Kate and Sawyer in the most terrible position possible, beat the crap out of him while she watches, threaten him with certain death, so she'll ultimately screw him in cage.

IMO, there's nothing more romantic and deep that having a woman pity fuck a man she doesn't love. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

I'm constantly amazed by the comments that Kate is weak around Jack, when I think Kate has never been more weak and pathetic than in the episodes where all she did was cry and scream like a little girl because asshat was being beaten up."

"As I see it, Kate's ride on manwhore's dick certainly wasn't enough to keep her away from Jack or from risking her life to save him from the Others.

Oh, and I've come up with my own idea for a Skate T shirt:

Who needs Jane Austen when you've got pity fucking."

"IMO their lack of scenes together in the first part of this season seems to have been motivated by the sole reason of placing Kate in a situation where she uses Sawyer as a human vibrator."

Methinks this gal is still a little teensy bit bitter and obsessed about the cage love scene and Kate's willing part in it. Who needs Kate bashers when you can have Jaters doing it for you? She interspersed that with random "ultimate couple" raptures. I did stop a minute to think how do you 'saddle' someone with a 'pity fuck'. Weird mix of imagery there. Read more...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Kinda what this episode felt like...”the calm before the storm.”

Poor tragic doll like Claire. Stuck with that slightly squicky, quaintly accented but potato-nosed Charlie,

"asking her out" for lunch.

It's cool how Desmond is protecting Charlie. Also cool what a way he has with birds - they lay there waiting for his touch - and who can blame them?

Claire got to write her rescue note, but wasted the opportunity by writing a 10,000 word treatise, meaning the poor bird probably passed out of exhaustion about 24 hours into his oceanic journey and drowned. But it's the thought that counts. At least Claire is showing she's sane enough to want to get her baby out of that place.

Locke is getting a lot cooler. Pushing that guy into the fence...

and shrugging a little sheepishly. Terry O'Quinn has such a charmingly clown creased face, it adds to the natural beauty of the cinematography when they give him screentime.

Good action shots. Sayid and Kate are a very cute little team. They match up sizewise like an ice-skating pair. Loved Sayid pulling Kate back from sure disasters. And - just for Cactus - apparently the shots of her shimmying over the log were much appreciated in certain segments of the audience...

And I do want to nominate this episode for FUNNIEST ENDING EVAH on Lost. That shot of John Elway lineman Jack hurtling towards his buddies and freedom...

...only to turn around and reveal he's become a collaborator! a friend to the enemy! a RAT!

...Kate’s WTF!!!!! face

...and then the music swelling to a crescendo as he catches Tom's incredibly girly man pass...

...then makes an excited rat face and spikes the ball.

Yeah. One of the all time best endings of a Lost episode ever. Side splitting hilarious. Made only more so by the recent promo showing Jack and Kate's loving dynamic has now deepened to the point almost of S&Mish imagery:

Think Jack can still catch a faint scent of Sawyer in Kate's hair...?
Oh, brother! Can't wait to see what comes of this! Read more...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What would a Jate scene sound like?

Call me crazy, but I wonder about these things.

So I went in search of descriptives and within minutes (because they're really not that hard to find) I found my muse. Six different, yet alarmingly similar Jater posts.

#1- I just watched the CTV promo and caught myself smiling at Jack's indifference toward Kate, especially when they've got her pinned to the floor with guns at her head and he tells her, "Just answer the question". Has he finally gotten over his inability to resist her? One can hope. Flit on back to the Hillbilly babe, the doctor isn't taking any new patients.

Yeah, I know, the Jack bashers will go crazy and be convinced he's switched sides, but that's just because they'll grasp onto anything to tear him down.
Yes, yes, I know, but I assure you, they are all Jater posts.

#2- I'm looking forward to the "Just answer the question" scene and I'm not sure why. My sadistic tendencies are screaming at me to see Kate's reaction to him wanting to not be rescued...if that is indeed what happens.
So Jate is an S&M couple? Who knew?

#3- Jack isn't being very friendly to her. But I think it's pretty obvious that Jack is just playing the Others. It has to kill him to treat Kate like that. But in the march trailer, we see him squeeze her hand (something the others wouldn't have seen) when she's holding his.He can't just shut his feelings off from her. I also have a feeling Kate is going to tell him how she feels before about him before the end of the season.
"...isn't being very friendly to her." I guess that's one way to describe it.

#4- When he was talking about his football career at Columbia in a WAM interview he said how he's got good hands. Yeah baby. For catching a football.
Wow! It's good to know that Foxeeee will always let you know how great he is!

#5- Of course he probably didn't plan on Kate and company showing up to save him and he probably doesn't want to be rescued, not right now. He's a smart, curious guy and he not only wants to know what's going on, his nature makes the "need to know" something he can't resist and of course there is that whole grilled cheese, cheeseburger toting blue-eyed blonde that's been trying to seduce him for the last 2 weeks.

Kate showing up is throwing a major wrench into his plan, plus he knows it's dangerous for her to be there so play along Kate, tell them what they want to know and don't get your little feelings hurt because that big meanie Jack has turned on you and he'll make sure they set you free unharmed and he'll even send his little blonde girlfriend along to make sure that once AGAIN you get away.

Sounds Jatey to me!

#6- Jack sure is putting it out that she's hurt him in previews. Atleast if he does, she'll know he knows sooner rather than later. And then they can fight it out, only to end in her telling him she's sorry and that he's the only man for her- maybe then that kiss in the rain everyone keeps hoping for?

I am positively overcome with inspiration! *sniffs under arm* Or is that perspiration? Who knows after reading the fright fest that is Jate. The point is, it has come to me. I know just what the dream Jate reunion would look like.
*gets all teary eyed* I can see it all now!

Jack: I'll never let you hurt me again, you filthy sow! You did the icky with that white trash nicknamer.

: *gasp* Jack! I never ...

-he backhands her. she crumples to the ground holding her cheek-

Kate: I deserved that.

: Like hell you did. You're not worthy of my time, let alone my touch. I have great hands, ya know!

: I know. *looks up hopefully* Touch me again, Jack. Please.

: Maybe with my boot, but you'll have to blow me first.

-she hurries toward him, on her knees-

: Oh Jack. You're so great and good and I'm such a worthless wretch. How can I make you believe how sorry I am? You're the only man I'll ever love!

: Tell it to the zipper, bitch. *looks curiously toward the window* Was that thunder?

-he grabs her hair and walks quickly to the door, dragging her along side-

: If we do this in the rain, it won't take as long to wash your cooties off me when you're done.

Now that's romance, I tell ya.

Ode to Cactus, Part 2

Dude. Seriously, you are one funny guy. And you're doing all the frakking work for me on the ABC boards. I'm laughing up a storm reading your comments in the Jate thread there. And the amazing thing? You're talking total sense, trying to bring the reality to the koolaid kiddies and they just don't know how to deal with you.

Come over to the Skater rebel side...we have more fun.

This post in particular I thought was a great slam against the Jate notion that it's romantic for Jack to keep his Hero Asshat on, and continue to play Other-fuckbuddy with Kate now in front of him, in obvious danger. For me this really spells out the difference between Jack and Sawyer (who does put Kate first before everyone, including himself):

"So basically what you are saying is that Jack is willing to put the group ahead of Kate and her safety? And you have no problem with that? Right. That makes perfect sense. How can you sit here and claim 'Jack loves Kate, he will do anything for her', and then make excuses for him. I'm not going to knock Jack for trying to find the group rescue. It's noble. But the only thing your scenario shows is that Jack is never willing to put Kate ahead of the group. Jack is choosing the 'greater good' over Kate. Does that sound like Jack is in love with Kate? Not to me it doesn't. If he was 'in love' with Kate, like so many of you claim, than he would put an end to any 'plan' or 'act' he might have right at the very moment he realizes Kate is there and is putting herself in danger. There is noting wrong with Jack pulling this 'fake Other' stunt when it's just him in Othersville. He's got nothing to loose and nobody else is in danger. But now that Kate is there, as well as Locke and Sayid, he should abandon his plan and not risk anyone else getting hurt. But he doesn't abandon his plan does he? All indications are that he continues his charade, even if it means Kate is handcuffed, abused, and in danger. Would Sawyer choose the group over Kate? No, he wouldn't. Would Jack? Well he clearly is isn't he? He is willing to gamble with Kate's life, as well as Locke and Sayids, all so he can keep up with his 'plan' that might get them saved. I admire and respect that Jack is trying to find the group rescue, it shows he is a great leader. However, it does not show that he is 'in love' with Kate. If he was 'in love' with her, he would not be choosing the group over her, he would be putting her first. He would be putting her safety above his 'plan.' Clearly from the promo, Kate's safety is the last thing on his mind. But then again, that's the sad irony of every Hero. They can't seem to put one person ahead of their mission to 'save the world'. As Jack is proving." Read more...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

However would the world keep spinning, were it not populated with a sufficient number of demigods to keep the rabble in order? Who knows what might happen? Things might break out in free expression. Right here in the U. S. of A.! We can’t have that ladies and gentlemen. Some things must be avoided at all costs. Lucky for us, there is a diligent group of dedicated Stormtroopers prepared to do battle on our behalf over on The Fuselage.

It seems that an evil society of rebels who call themselves Skaters are attempting to subvert the tranquility of the threads of The Fuselage by (OMG, I’m not sure I can say it) actually declaring their admiration and allegiance for (can you believe it?!) someone OTHER than Jack and Jate!

I know, I know, it’s shocking, but I assure you, it’s true. These arrogant upstarts not only pledge their support to Skate and that most vile of villains, Sawyer, but they have actually had the audacity to take their treasonous prattle to holy of holies! The sanctified VIP threads!

I bring you the following examples, directly from the front lines of this ugly battlefront. See for yourselves how you are protected by the valiant efforts of Empress Karri Palpatine, Darth Halfrek and her loyal Stormtrooper forces.

New regulations have been put in place and enforced recently in the VIP section, and it is up to every truly loyal citizen of the Fuse to refrain from overstepping these arbitrary and yet abso-frakking-lutely necessary additions (if you don't have a clue what these new restrictions are, shame on you). 'Character Advocacy' and 'Poster Speculations' gag rules have been especially effective in silencing the evil rebel scum from getting their message heard.

Here is an example of a nicely sanitized entry, unfortunately it had to be removed because it was inciting discord. Apparently the original poster asked why their post was hacked to pieces and was told not to pursue their heinous character agenda:

Can’t link to it, it was removed after massive edits --


I have a question. In the past posts you have mentioned that Sawyers good deeds will be acknowledged (or atleast come to play in some way). I truly hope this happens,**MOD edited to remove request for spoiler info. no Gregg cannot answer this for you**

** MOD edited to remove character advocacy comments**

**MOD edited to remove another request for spoilers**. I'm sorry, but im sick of Jack being the hero all the time. **MOD edited to remove character advocacy posts and other character bashing** Kate needs to open her eyes and see what Sawyer has sacrificed for her. Its not just Jack who does the sacrificing. Will this really be addressed? **MOD edited to remove request for spoilers**

I never wrote to you before , Gregg. It would thrill me if I could hear from you. Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.


Another rebel scum post:

From blondee
Hey Gregg so you write the recaps for the ABC site, I have a beef with the SIASL one because you have somehow stated as fact that Sawyer was right about Kate sleeping with him because he was going to die, I get that to an extent because of their situation being as it was she may have thought it was a now or never situation!

However it can also be taken that you were impling that this was the ONLY reason she did it & I respectfully have to disagree because from how hurt Kate looked when Sawyer accused her of this **MOD edited to remove poster speculations**-- it shows that there were real genuine feelings behind the whole situation & I don't think we should be lead to believe otherwise because an argument can be made that it happened faster than it may have had they not been in this situation but I don't think Kate's feelings for Sawyer should be in question in this whole scenario!--

Thanks for your time Gregg!
Hope that was not to harsh!

These are but two recent examples. More posts have been edited to death and even deleted completely (some of which have been referenced on my journal).

It has been brought to my attention from several sources, that there have been some posts which have curiously slipped through the policing process, completely unedited or unmodified in any way. I would be remiss if I didn't bring these to the attention of those in charge so that they too can be summarily hacked to pieces and/or deleted. Strange that they haven't been already, but then again they support Jack and Jate, so I guess they got a Galactic Empire free-pass -- warning may be long-winded (despite some entries being edited down for brevity), scroll down if your attention span is that of a Gungan's:


Angry Disappointed...
Not exactly the cliffhanger I was expecting...loved Pickett though. This was really disappointing and frankly after two years, I expected better. Kate's character has been prostituted this season. Pity sex with Sawyer for ratings? Ewwww. The writers have beaten down the characters so much this season and seperated them for so long, that the fans feel beaten down as well and the ratings have dropped this season. It is obvious to me that the writers chose to punch the Jaters in the gut with this episode. I don't know how you can expect your fanbase to return months later after this episode. I don't know that I feel like taking it much longer...don't know that I'll still be "lost" in February. Guess I can just watch the good old days from Season One (and even most of Season Two) when the writing was better and the character development made sense.

Very disappointed, but only one of many...

FB Reasons: Character bashing. Writer bashing. Ship Advocacy.


He does seem to have a creepy, kind of stalking thing going on with the women in his life, but I suppose if they didn't always deceive him he wouldn't have to resort to such obsessive behavior.

Why do the writers continue to make Kate look like a dingy, flighty, basket-case of a woman? What kind of woman stands there and listens to a comment like that and doesn't respond one way or another? If Sawyer's accusation weren't true a woman with some self-respect, not to mention some sense would've immediately been up in his face letting him know just how far off the mark he was and if it were true she would've shown some class or dignity and offered up an explanation or an apology, but not our Kate, she stands there like and some clueless, timid, helpless woman and says nothing.

Why? Oh, and while she should've punched him for sending away their best chance at locating the Other's and Jack in a timely manner, she also should've thanked him for offering her a way out if that's what she wants. Sawyer finally does something that could be considered somewhat noble by letting go of the woman he loves if that's what she wants and the woman stands there looking dumbfounded.
Are the writers ever going to allow Kate to grow up and take responsibility for the things she does?

FB Reasons: Incredible level of character bashing....which at least Gregg took note of, even if the mods were too stupid to notice. Character Advocacy. Not to mention the part that excused and therefore advocated stalking and violence against women.


From jate4evr

I know we can sometimes seem frustrated (sorry about the trouble you've been given about your ABC synopsis! Personally, as a Jack/Kate fan, I didn't mind it at all)

I also loved the Jack/Kate scene in Not In Portland. I don't know if it's the fact that Evangelline and Matthew are just such amazing actors, or because the storyline between Kate and Jack is so compelling (probably both!), but I'm just so drawn to those two characters and their relationship together. Without sounding TOO shippery, I have to say I am a huge fan of theirs, and had been (before Not in Portland) pretty bummed that the episodes had them seeing each other very little (and that Kate and Sawyer got it on.... ), but after this episode, my faith in the two of them as a couple was totally restored - it was clear to me from their "walkie-talkie counting to 5" scene that those two are just meant to be... sure hope
their relationship will continue to grow and surprise us down the line.

FB Reasons: Both ship advocacy and ship bashing.


Why Now?
In regards to the Kate/Sawyer situation, I have to ask, why now? ... Even in season three, Kate spent most of her time rolling her eyes at Sawyer and rebuffing his advances, so I’m completely confused at her decision to just have sex with him in a cage in broad daylight, no less. I’m just wondering if there is something else that I should have picked up on in regards to Kate’s feelings about Sawyer. Personally, I think Kate made a major mistake in a very traumatic situation, and it’s going to take a very long time for me to ever look at her character in a positive light again. I just feel like this triangle resolution could have played out in a way that didn’t destroy her character to this extent, and I felt like it was completely unnecessary for Jack to have to see it. I didn’t think I could feel any worse for him after his flashbacks this season, but this has topped that.

...Jack and Kate’s story had an innocence that is severely lacking on tv right now (with the exception of The Office’s Jim and Pam), and it’s sad to see that disappear with one scene.

FB Reasons: Character bashing, Character Advocacy, Ship Advocacy.


About Jack...
About last night episode, I don't understand it & wish that if this was the way the writers wanted to go they had either started it sooner (meaning last season) or not given us so much Jate growth last season, at this point its ask too much from an already overwhelmed fan base to still want Kate with Jack after what happened, it will never be the same again, so even with the finale, the triangle did end to most of us, after the pain and hurt the lastest episodes caused its not worth it anymore.

It seems everytime the writers creat a romance for Jack later on they sacrifice it for another history. That is alienating us Jack fans and is making he look like pathetic in the general fans eyes ,and he is supposed to be the hero, the leader, a character to admire, not to find "pathetic". And I hate seeing Jack in pain. It seems like he is always being hurt by those he loves. I hate this, Jack dont deserves this. So will Jack finally get some real, honest love ? - instead of emotional games and one that WONT sleep with Sawyer?

FB Reasons: Ship Advocacy, Character Advocacy, Asking for spoilers.


Ouch. I get it. At least I think I do. She made her choice & as tptb have forewarned us it's definitive & real. But I just wonder if it was necessary to pour an extra amount of salt into the wounds of those who were hoping for Jack & Kate? I may not agree with her choice or frankly understand it, but I accept it. I just wish that it didn't have to come at such a brutal expense.

I am trying to enjoy the show as a whole now rather than being so heavily invested in the relationship between Jack & Kate.

Perhaps that will become easier once we get back to the main land. I had hoped that my feelings towards Kate choosing Sawyer would have healed by this point, but they haven't. I don't really understand it even though I know and appreciate that there is a large fan base out there for them.

There was something so beautiful about these two characters that has been somewhat tarnished for me. But there are so many fans here that again what I see and feel is often exact opposite of so many others.

I do hope that even though she made her choice, the relationship, the bond that Jack & Kate shared from the very first moment they met, will at least be kept alive in some small fashion. It would be such a waste of great chemistry and terrific story telling. I would truly miss it if it were gone forever.

FB Reasons: Ship advocacy and bashing.


I know I'm probably talking about little things that just some people may notice,but I think that if you look hard enough,you can totally see how much Jack influences Kate.How much those two are into each other (how to forget the amazing scene through the glass..?)

I think it's proof of the inexplicable and irrational 'thing' that K&J have between them.It's not just a matter of 'love'.I belive that what Kate has with Jack,is something bigger than love.Something deeper than attraction,care,or passion.They've been able to change each other.And,as the beautiful walkie talkie scene in NIP showed so amazingly,if Jack has in some way fixed and saved Kate,I belive now it's HER turn to save him.Kate is not the same girl who crashed on the island anymore. It's been great so far,to see her fighting her demons. Obviously her redemption is not complete yet,but she'll get there. Loving Kate,I can't help but liking the healthy effect,that Jack has on her. And being a Jater,I obviously loved how determined Kate was to bring Jack back.She didn't waste a second.She changed her clothes and she headed off into the jungle.No matter if she has something going on with Sawyer,if she's exhausted,or happy to be 'home'.Her mind is just on one thing.Her priority is going back,to Jack.It's like a suicide mission,but she doesn't seem to care.She's not even scared to face the Others again.Probably 'cause the idea of not saving Jack, scares her a lot more.

WOW..this is becoming a pretty long post! Did I have a point? yep,my point was that even though Jack&Kate are separated since..(the beginning of times..? )and Jaters should receive an Oscar for the patience it's beautiful to see how much these two characters are the same,at heart. it's good to see how much Jack is able to effect Kate,how much fire he's able to bring out of her even when he's not (physically) with her,and how much she's been able to change herself THROUGH him.And once more,It's good to see KATE back,it's good to see how Jack-ish (or should I say Kat-ish? )she is lately! I can't wait for her rescue mission to succeed. God only knows how much Jack deserves to see that Kate has not abandoned him.

As always,thanks for your time Gregg! Thinking about it, I guess you could even steal to the Jaters their 'Oscar for Patience' You gotta have plenty of it to answer to all our posts!

FB Reasons: Massive amounts of Ship Advocacy, Poster speculation up the wazoo.


I'm Sulking -- But I'll Get Over It

Plus, it seemed weird to be back on "our" island with no Jack.

A question, though: why did Locke and Sayid tell Kate that she was right when she said they hadn't been motivated to look for Jack? (They told her she was wrong about them not knowing where to look.) Wasn't it Locke who, just a few, short episodes ago, made a speech about organizing a search party to look for all three kidnapped Losties? Why the sudden apathy in regard to Jack's whereabouts and safety?

Stupid Locke.

Also, when can I look forward to Paulo and Nikki being killed?

FB Reasons: Character Advocacy, Character bashing, Asking for Spoilers.


These are just a tiny sample of the kind of posts which have been allowed to stand with no Mod intervention in the VIP section. It seems to me that the process of determining what is acceptable and what is not is far more arbitrary and SUBJECTIVE than the Stormtroopers would have us believe.

A Lone Voice in the Wilderness:

Well respected Lost citizen Leah Kate was concerned about these new regulations, and apparent bias and wrote a very eloquent letter to the Fuselate Senate:

I'll admit, I don't post here at the Fuse very often, because I don't find it to be a very open atmosphere for discussion. I do, however, enjoy reading the posts to Gregg Nations and his responses to them, since he's the only VIP who regularly interacts with viewers here. This morning, I read a post asking about the possibility of Sawyer being recognized for his heroic actions, and complaining about how Jack seems to receive all Kate's admiration while Sawyer's sacrifices go unnoticed.

Later, I saw that this post had been mod edited to a bare fraction of the original, with only a few sporadic sentences left in place. Some of the reasons are the common ones - edited for asking about spoilers (though it seems that Gregg Nations is a big boy and could probably decide for himself whether he wants to reply to such questions, without needing to be protected from them); edited for character "bashing" (though I don't recall any bashing in the post, and it seems odd that this rule applies to Jack, but not to, say, Kate when she's labeled a prostitute, in a post that was allowed to remain as it was).

The one that made me pause in surprise, though, was one I don't recall seeing before: mod edited for "character advocacy." What exactly does this mean? I'm familiar with the long-standing rule about not advocating relationships (another issue of some curious double-standards in enforcement), but character advocacy? The reason most people watch the show and become invested in it is because of the characters. Are we now forbidden to express our support and enjoyment of our favorites for fear of "advocating" them? On a website that was specifically designed for the purpose of providing a viewer pipeline to the creators of those characters, no less? And it's also strange how the advocacy ofJack never seems to be much of a problem for the mods. I've seen posts from supporters actually asking for more of "The Jack Show" left untouched. So how is that not considered advocacy, yet a post supporting storylines where Sawyer's deeds are recognized is?

I'm aware that the mods retain the right to do just about whatever they want in terms of editing, and are not required to offer any justification for their actions. But I still wanted to at least express how saddened I and many others are at the fact that on this site, one of the only sites of its nature that I'm aware of, our honest and forthright opinions, criticisms, and concerns about Lost are edited in such a seemingly arbitrary manner to be turned into shiny happy propagandistic blather.

My brother was browsing through my web bookmarks a few days ago, and when he came across the Fuselage he read the description and said, "Wow, you actually get to talk to the people who make the show and tell them what you think? That's so cool!" My only response was, "You would think so, wouldn't you?"

Darth Halfrek's reply:

Thank you for pointing out the post was over edited, it should have been removed as we usually do with any post that is mostly asking for spoilers. That oversight has been corrected. As for the Kate comment, when you see something like that, shouldn't you do your part and report it so that it can be corrected? The moderators of this site can't be everywhere and rely on posters to report things that need removal or editing. If you see something like that, then it should be reported.
It is true, that one would think that you could interact with the VIPs and tell them what you think about the show. However, that only happens if they follow the very clear rules. It is the posters that continually push the limits, slam the moderators and generally trash the site that complain the most about the way things are done here. The site rules are very simple. They have been newly revised in the last 3 months to address a few things like character and TPTB bashing.

Again, let me state, the rules for posting in the VIP section:
don't ask for spoilers.
no shipper info requests or attempts to sway the VIPs to pick one ship over another
Lobbying a VIP to change the direction of the story to suite your idea of a character. You may express your appreciation of a character but not tell the VIPs how the character and show should be. (That is character advocacy).
I think that about covers all of your comments.

It is true, that one would think that you could interact with the VIPs and tell them what you think about the show. However, that only happens if they follow the very clear rules. It is the posters that continually push the limits, slam the moderators and generally trash the site that complain the most about the way things are done here. The site rules are very simple. They have been newly revised in the last 3 months to address a few things like character and TPTB bashing.

I would like to point again to the examples I gave above which clearly contravene the rules as listed by Darth Halfrek. Darth Halfrek's response of 'report it if you have an issue' seems reasonable at first glance. And yet who can forget the massive public spewing of vitriol which resulted after someone presumably did try to report some posts which they felt broke the rules:

all right, i have just about had enough with this shipper war and rudeness when reporting posts that the SKATERS seem to think are over the line.

so i bring you a case study. pay attention class.

show me where in this post where there are vile insults?

In regards to the Kate/Sawyer situation, I have to ask, why now? For me, there was a window of opportunity during season two where a relationship or hookup of sorts between them would have been acceptable and believable to almost everyone. I really expected it after Sawyer got back from the raft, but things changed after “The Long Con”. Kate and Jack grew closer, and Kate showed little interest in Sawyer through the rest of the season. Even in season three, Kate spent most of her time rolling her eyes at Sawyer and rebuffing his advances, so I’m completely confused at her decision to just have sex with him in a cage in broad daylight, no less. I’m just wondering if there is something else that I should have picked up on in regards to Kate’s feelings about Sawyer. Personally, I think Kate made a major mistake in a very traumatic situation, and it’s going to take a very long time for me to ever look at her character in a positive light again. I just feel like this triangle resolution could have played out in a way that didn’t destroy her character to this extent, and I felt like it was completely unnecessary for Jack to have to see it. I didn’t think I could feel any worse for him after his flashbacks this season, but this has topped that.

what? no vile insults? wow! maybe that is why it was left?

please note the following in regards to the above post:

* lack of insults for the opposite ship
* lack of persuading comments to sway the VIP to their ship
* lack of rude comments directed towards TPTB

still not sure why was it left and not edited? for a few reasons above that are quite clear really when you stop seeing it as OMG shipper post and see the post as a post.

* the post was completely accepting of what happened in the show.
* they just didnt happen to like the events

nowhere in there did that post go against the RULES for posting shipper posts to the VIPs.

perhaps the poster that reported that post NEEDS to read the Rules again? or at least take off the glasses that they are wearing so that they can see things without the spin that they seem to read everything on this board with.

shipper posting rules for the VIP section:

* we have no problems with any group saying that they are disappointed in a storyline.
* there is to be NO lobbying the VIPs to change the story line in their favor or whatever.
* it is not okay to be whining about lack of your favorite ship/character on screen.
* it is okay if they want to say that they are happy with the way things are going
* the poster should not ask for spoilers. that includes seeking any info about the future of a person/ship/storyline.
* they may not make rude comments about any other ship or storyline.
* it is NOT okay to start with the conspiracy theory posts about the ships/characters and why it doesnt "work" for them personally. doesnt matter if it is about their favorites or other less favorite character/ship.
* it is NOT okay to be reporting every post that mentioned Kate (or any other woman) and some man in the same post that is not the pairing of their choice. ie: Kate/Sawyer, Kate/Jack, Jack/Juliet. (these have been the most troublesome pairings lately)
* it is not okay to be gloating over a storyline at the expense of another group/ship/character.

now onto why MOST of the Skater posts seem to be edited or removed.

well that is easy b/c MOST of them insult the other ship, insult the shippers, insult TPTB, insult the storyline. most of the time the posts are rude and derogatory. if the Skaters would take time to compose a letter that wasnt "in your face" to the VIPs then it would be left...unless it broke any of the points listed.

in conclusion, to the person that reported this post:

the comments in your RP were totally uncalled for. (they will be forwarded to Karri for review in addition to your rude accusatory PM to me.) if you READ the rules again and actually READ the posts you would then see why they were left. it has nothing to do with a bias for Jate and against Skate, it has to do with them actually following the rules, being respectful towards the VIPs, and not rude towards others. something that the posters in this ship could certainly stand to learn.

you can whine all you want to about the imagined bias but most of the time it is a group effort and not one that i do alone. maybe you should take that into consideration before you decide to accuse this mod of being biased or unfair.

Rumor has it that the poster who dared to speak up, and who sparked this particular rant was BANNED for life. Note the condescending tone, the confrontational and totally rude way the 'lesson' was laid down.

They encourage reporting and then penalize those who do? Is it any wonder that Skate citizens are reluctant to come forward and report anything at all?

Final Thoughts:

My fellow Lost citizens, you may have by now realized that I too am one of those cursed rebels who will not sit down, shut up and accept being kicked in the teeth again and again. While I have never had an account on the Fuselage, I do read the threads there, and have many friends who post regularly and who keep me updated on the state of the Empire. I am now getting daily PM's from people who are turning to me to comment on what is happening, simply because I abhor censorship and believe in the right for people to air their opinions, no matter how unpalatable or non-party line they are and they feel frustrated, upset and discriminated against without any recourse to protest or ask why.

I can only conclude that a more sinister purpose is at work here. That of Fuselage Ship cleansing. That's right, these erstwhile rebels are being systematically made to feel unwelcome, to feel like they have no voice at all with which to express their equally valid opinions and ideas. They are being muzzled, simply because they support a lead character and different ship than the other side. You have seen the evidence of bias, hypocrisy and bullying tactics yourselves.

These so-called guardians seem to have more regard for their own feelings of self-importance and righteousness than the ORIGINAL purpose of the board, which is to give ALL fans a place to discuss their feelings and opinions openly about the show and with the VIPs. They are actively driving Sawyer and Skate fans away from their board, and one can only assume it is a deliberate, calculated and intentional act.

Are not all Lost citizens to be treated as equals? I have seen the Empire bend and contort themselves silly to cater to the Non-spoiler folks, or the whining Jaters who take offense at the mere mention that Skate is canon and yet....where is the attempt to make Skaters feel at home, to listen to their concerns or at least to let them have good old positive fun (Avi debacle comes to mind)? You may think it is only I who is aware of this glaring imbalance. I have written about it before. But more and more 'rebels' are seeing the light, recognizing the Fuselage for the nasty, biased place that it is and are speaking out on other forums where they are not treated like misguided insurgents. The truth is spreading. The Fuselage is a joke and the sooner it cleanses itself of its vindictive attitude towards certain sections of fandom, the sooner it will regain some credibility as a haven for ALL devoted Lost fans.

If any of you loyal citizens are truly dissatisfied with the service of these 'hosts', and 'facilitators'. If you feel victimized or discriminated against and despair that you no longer have a voice with which to address your complaints at the Fuselage itself, then I urge you not to remain silent. Speak out against unfair treatment. Let other people know what goes on. Register your protest where it might actually be heard and acknowledged for once:

J.J. Abrams
c/o Bad Robot Television
500 South Buena Vista Street
Building 23, Suite 26
Burbank, CA 91521

Snail mail too slow? How about this ...
fax: 818-560-6325

The Saga Continues

Apparently issue was made of some honorary members of the OutKaSt list. Namely Damon's Mother, and Benjamin Linus. Both of whom had expressed Skate support and yet were quite obviously only fun, tongue and cheek additions to the list. Well, since they weren't active posters, a public notice was plastered over the OutKaSt's thread about it by none other than Darth Halfrek. (To be fair, there was a similar if less 'laying down the law' comment on the Couch to veto the addition of Tim Goodman to their list.)

lisagwilkins, i was looking over your membership list. it appears that you have some members that have never posted in this ship thread or previous threads. as i stated HERE this is not really how ship rosters should have new members added. in theory then each ship could add whomever they wished ad naseum by adding anyone, everyone and their brother to the list just b/c they like *insert ship name here*. that is not really fair or feasible. i also think that if any other ship did start doing that, that you all would have serious problems/complaints about such a practice. thank you.

To which Lisagwilkins responded with the following:

***mod edit

I have been administrator of this thread only since October 17, 2006. All membership numbers before member #216 are out of my control.

Benjamin Linus and Damon Lindeloff's mother were specifically given "honorary memberships" which is clearly stated on the membership list. These were done specifically in response to Ben's comments in Every Man For Himself, and Damon's comments about his mother's preferences on the show, AND in the spirit of good, clean fun. Obviously, by being given "honorary memberships" it's perfectly clear that these two people would not be expected to actually post on the thread.

However, if you are displeased with their presence, please let me know and I will remove them from the membership list.

Note the mod edit. Apparently what was taken out was a request to have been contacted about this via PM rather than clogging up the thread. Then her post was completely deleted, to which she responded with this:

Since my previous reply has been removed, how would you like me to address these issues?

Then Carency stepped in with:

The explanation portion of your previous post has been restored.

Per the previous request, the names should be removed. It should be apparent from halfrek's previous post that this is an issue of keeping things fair between ships -- we cannot allow it for one group and not the other, and the lists really shouldn't be a competition for endorsements. The request was directed to you as the current thread administrator, not as an admonishment.

And yet the admonishment still came. She was given infraction points for being disrespectful to the mods and telling them how to do their jobs. Damned rebel upstart for rocking the boat. Can you imagine Banshee ever being treated this way?

Quite frankly, I think any rutting ship or group should be allowed silly honorary memberships. It's all in good fun, right? Or was supposed to be. Competition for endorsements? That's taking things a little seriously ain't it?

But that's not all, Lost citizens...

Another OutKaSt member was reprimanded for breaking the rules recently. LostTVfan posted a link to a blog site where Sawyer's popularity and the results of a character poll were discussed. She wanted to share this with her fellow posters as it's always great to read positive press.

There is the link which was originally posted:

Her link was edited out, the reason being : Advertising.

So LostTVfan wrote out the entire text for her fellow posters to see, since the site she'd linked to was a no-no for some reason.

She was mod edited again, reason: removing material under third party copyright.

At this point she was informed she'd been slapped with significant amount of infraction points, presumably for defying their dictate. As usual there was no warning, no gentle slap on the wrist, just points.

Now, upon investigation there IS a rule about copying out whole articles or song lyrics (understandably the Fuselage does not wish to be sued for breach of copyright). And so, LostTVfan took it upon herself to get full permission from the author to resolve the issue. The fruits of her labors can be seen here:

Hopefully that will be the end of it. A hullabaloo over a link to a frakking article about Sawyer and his blasphemous popularity.

Can someone please tell me, though, just how the first link was even 'advertising'? The Fuselage rules are stated as follows:

Do not place ANY advertisements on the forums. This will be considered SPAM and could result in you account being banned. We generally class advertisements or spam as a website with which the person has a personal interest in, or is not a relevant topic of discussion. Also, in consideration of respect for this community and its membership, we will not allow links to other not for profit web sites except within a member's profile or as a small, unobtrusive link in the signature or in our links section. For profit links are expressly prohibited and will be removed and the user possibly banned. If you have a for profit site that you would like to advertise, please contact the administration for advertising rates. The harvesting of poster emails or screen names for the express use in spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, or other unsolicited emails is prohibited. "

Hmmm, I have seen many a link made to articles and blogs about the Lost characters, the actors, the show, the writers, polls and so on. In various threads all over the Fuselage.

Why was this particular example singled out for such punitive action? Was it originally reported by some poster disgruntled by the pro Sawyer content of the linked article or were the Mods just looking for an excuse to lay the smack down on this unsuspecting Skate poster?

Does this mean that all links to Lost-related media sites and blogs are now classified as 'advertising'? Better watch out kiddies, the Stroomtroopers are out in force, determined to make your day frustrating and decidedly lacking in any kind of fun whatsoever.

Oh, and an interesting sidenote to all of this is the mysterious temporary turning off of the Voting function in the VIP sections. Gregg Nations had asked his fans to vote on the threads so that he would answer those with 3 stars or above since he was a busy man and strapped for time. As was expected the Jaters in particular were very free in voting five stars for any pro-Jack or Jate posts, and voting one stars to lower the pro-Sawyer/Skate posts. Understandably some Skaters noticed this and responded in kind. Juvenile, yes, it was. So was the voting turned off because of these actions? They say it was a glitch and is now back and running. Who knows. But yeah, it's a pity people stoop to such tactics. On both sides. Read more...

The Man From Tallahasee CDN Promo

Well, well, well. Things are heating up. Will the writers really have the balls to allow Jack look like a total dickwad to Kate? Will the scales finally fall from her eyes? I'm actually pretty psyched about this reunion. It would be too much to ask for to have Jack truly betraying Kate to the Others, but I'll settle for Kate realizing she wasted her time and giving Jack a good old piece of her mind. No doubt Jack's got some mega-secret plan that even the audience doesn't know about yet. But hell, if I get to see Kate say 'screw you' to Jack just once, I'll be a happy camper.

So, what'd y'all think about Par Avion? Kate's WTF look at seeing Jack playing footy with his mate Tom at the end was absolutely priceless and made my night.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Enter 77... note: Jack did not Enter, REJOICE again!

Apologies my dear Fishbiscuiteers, real life has been kicking my butt this week... review Enter 77 now as you will....


-Ah, Sayid. must you look so good in a wife beater?

But such brutality, pouring boiling oil over a woman's arms.

I can take information like this from CNN, but it really is more than I want to have to digest in my entertainment TV.

So the flashback story wasn't my favorite, but I was quite impressed with Naveen Andrews. He totally owns the island crying boy title now. When Foxeeee bawls, I always want to smack him in the back of the head and scream, "Be a man!", but when Naveen's face began to dissolve and his entire body faltered under the unbearable weight of his guilt, it was heartbreaking.

And the whole scene about forgiveness was pretty awesome. Who cares if Sayid tortured that particular woman or not...extending forgiveness and being forgiven was the whole point. Let's hope the writers don't forget that redemption is supposed to be a major theme of the story arc.


What's with the sudden influx of animals on the island?
First there's Vincent. Good to see you, pal, but you're looking a little pudgy. Been hanging out with the Others and chowing down on Dharma dogfood?
Sawyer's boars seems to have disappeared. Gone over to another valley or pigging out with Vinnie? Another island mystery. in plural. It was odd enough to see the black horse with Kate, but now Ms. Klugh apparently rode into Dodge. I do hope that horse isn't bar-be-cue after Locke blew up yet ANOTHER hatch. (Keep that man away from buttons!) If there are any more horses on the island, Sawyer may just have to "cowboy up." Mi Amigo anyone?

Cows...cows???? Well those hamburgers Juliet served had to come from somewhere. But is it really necessary for the cow to wear a cow bell?

And finally, CATS. Cue the soundtrack...Memories.....It does seem fitting that Sayid would have cats in his episode since cats are inscrutible, enigmatic, cunning, devious and beautiful.

The crying cat deserves an Oscar. Who knew cats could cry on demand? (Yeah, yeah it was probably edited, but still...pathos personified in the puddycat.)

All that's missing are chickens. No, wait, there are chickens. The writers of the show who don't seem to have the courage to do something really creative any more--like have Jack turn Darth Vader black. Or stop bringing annoying "Who the hell are you?" folks randomly onto the island. Or giving Paulo, who is pretty damn cute I have to admit, anything to do but play golf and find toilets.

Cluckity Cluck Cluck Cluck!


Gotta love Hurley for trying to make Sawyer feel better. Although Sawyer does seem to like to feel bad.

He rocks the blue shirt scene, however, and can even make that prison ponytail look hot. But really can he ever not look sexy as hell?


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

So much bat guano, so little time.

I don’t think I’ve seen this much nuttiness since Sonny the cuckoo bird went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Bubbles caught in the throes of Jate withdrawal isn’t a pretty sight, my friends. I bring you these examples as a public service. So you may be better able to recognize this illness, should you encounter it in your daily lives. Only with knowledge and understanding can we combat this scourge and prevent it from infecting unsuspecting members of the ever elusive general viewing audience.

Over at Jater ground zero, the co-hostess with the mostest mob mentality “what she said!” posts, offered up a question for discussion.

“What do you think is the biggest obstacle that Jack and Kate have overcome so far?”

A softball question, but your average bubble is easily distracted. And what is the answer? Being kidnapped? Drugged? Monsters? Kate having her way with Sawyer? Not at all.

“I would have to say the kiss because it was the "awakening" for them and by Kate's running away, that left Jack understandably confused.”

So the one and only Jate kiss was an “obstacle” to be overcome? I am both awake and understandably confused.

“It took awhile, but they finally were discussing the subject when that darned Michael came out of nowhere to screw things up. But, they were talking about it on their own terms and Jack was indicating that he understood what Kate was sorry about and that she has 'running' issues and they would have kissed and made up had it not been for the aforementioned Michael.”

Well darn that aforementioned Michael! If not for his sorry ass, we’d be well on our way to jabies by now. Love may conquer all, but Jate love will stop on a dime. Ummm, if a ship won’t withstand a guy in a hood stumbling by, you would be well advised to keep a lifeJACKET handy.

“People are very sensitive especially right now, given the lack of Jate this season and when posts feel a little too "particular", it upsets people.”

No. What’s upsetting people is trying to figure out just what the frak you’re babbling about? How exactly does a “too particular” post “feel” like? It sounds creepifying to me.

“It's too bad that there are some who can't accept what we believe in and hope for (and know will happen ) ANd enough people have left the couch completely and that is sad, because they were nice people who are missed.”

People have left the couch completely? Whatever could have caused that? Sounds fishy to me. *preens and buffs her scales*

“I say we officially ban the word "ambiguous" from our couch - it is driving me crazy and it refers to everything anymore. No more ambiguity. Answers and Jate, is that too much to ask for?”

Don’t be so hasty, bubbles. Lose that word and all discussion of Jate dies by default. Oh wait! On second thought, go ahead. No more ambiguity means no more Jate. Buh bye.

“Believing they were both about to die, her actions were definately a result of circumstance. Some call it pity sex, some dont.”

“both”? When did Kate believe they were “both” about to die? If Jate was something that EVER crossed Kate’s mind, wouldn’t it have made sense for her to tell Jack that she was about to die, rather than piss him off with her concern for Sawyer? Oh, and put me in the “some don’t” column.

A Jater’s eye view of TTID

“I watched SIASL before the episode to put me in a good mood. My mum caught the last five seconds. About Julet and Jack she had this to say, 'He's not even going to kiss her. What is that man a priest?'

TPTB? See what you've done? The casual viewer thinks Jack has a vow of celibacy or something. Heh”

And here I thought the skank sex had cleared that up.

“Hurley: These flashbacks were both tedious and repetitive.”

Hmm, like Jack’s daddy issues much?

“On Island Hurley talks to Libby’s grave. That was totally in my ficlet series btw! TPTB have obviously not read my other fics where Jack does NOT get screwed over.”

Oh yeah. TPTB are trolling for plot points in YOUR fanfic. Damn! The batshit is deep in here.

“There was some sort of theme about hope, which was definitely not shoved down our throats or anything. Hope not being about Jack or anything! Hope being able to drive a car! Yayz, cos that’s what a tropical island needs. A car!”

A car, some beer, lots of laughs, works for me. See what can happen when you de-Jack the picture?

"Jin: Brings his wife a flower after a long days drinking. Jin, he just doesn’t get romance. "

Unless you count the whole, I still love you as much as when I first gave you a single flower, thing. How tragic would romance be if it were left to the unimaginative minds of Jaters to define?

“Kate: ‘What are we talking about James?’ Well, once you figured it the fuck out, would you please let the audience know? They really added this waste of space scene to the episode? So they watched the episode back and they thought ‘what are we missing’. I know! Sawyer and Kate talk about Little House on the Prairie! Seriously, I’m actually pissed Kate’s going to rescue Jack. I was looking forward to them talking about the shit Waltons next.

So Kate asks Sawyer to say sorry. For……? Not going back for Jack? For not being Jack? For being involved in a plotline that makes the audience want to die a painful death? Whatever.

After Kate asks this question of love to Sawyer, she throws him a lusty look of love when they get to the beach, but when asked she forgets to mention the raft of love to Sayid, she goes into the jungle with her torch of love and discovers the net of pure evil while thinking only about her true love Sawyer. Hmmm”

Awwww, aren’t they cute when they’re trying to be clever? And isn’t it odd that Jaters seem to think Kate found THE net as opposed to A net. Wouldn’t Danielle have reset the trap she made with THE net by now?

“Sawyer: There’s no hope on this island? That’s right Sawyer. At least on the other island you had some hope of sex in a cage. On this island there’s only like tents and stuff. Pfft! Sex in a tent? That’s just pedestrian!.”

Tents, schments. Skate will be re-enacting the famous love scene from “From Here To Eternity” nightly, and twice on Sundays.

“Jack: Was awesome. Wait..... He wasn't in this episode? Oh. He was still awesome.”

At last, we agree. Jack not being there was awesome.

“So I give this episode two dharma cans of beer out of five. And they're totally empty cans too.”

And I give this review one totally empty bubble.

And last but certainly not least, from the newly christened Suliet ship, we have a little segment I like to call, Krusty says …

“I'm not a person that hates one portion of the pair, but ships them anyhow just because I don't want to see them with someone else.”

I’ll remember that next time you’re crucifying Kate. Wait, does that mean you love Sawyer after all? Since you are shipping him with Juliet? Pfft. Sell me another one Krusty.

“I thought that I should make the clarification that Sawyer can't win something from someone when that person didn't have that something to begin with.”

And just in case we didn’t get it, she reiterates for us.

“Sawyer can't win something that wasn't Jack's lol. Neither Kate, Ana or Juliet had/have committed themselves to Jack or even attempted to.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Krusty! Got that, folks? Straight from the Jater’s mouth. Jack didn’t have Kate to begin with and Kate never even attempted to commit herself to Jack.

“I think it was rude of several others to purposefully bring Jack in this thread just for the sake of bashing him. When Sawyer is brought up in the conversations on the JC, it's usually relevant to the topic at hand.”

Never mind that “the topic at hand” is often bashing Sawyer. I seem to recall a thread about an added Skate scene. And who turns up to dump her Skate is tanking the ratings nonsense yet again? A Krusty, you have become almost Pavlovian. Any thread that has Sawyer or Skate in seem to be compelled to bullshit all over it. Read more...

Well, lookee here...*cackle*

"Smokin' Aces" Co-Star to Speak on Class Day? Not if We Can Help It

One of our more distinguished alumni (excerpted):

"I'm a liar and a cheat and a thief and the ultimate manipulator. ... I tell lies every day, man," the 40-year-old actor says in the February issue of Men's Journal magazine. "And when I say I'm phenomenally manipulative, I am."

Fox, who is now starring opposite Matthew McConaughey in We Are Marshall, a Warner Bros. Pictures release, says he "can be unapologetically vicious" and is "absolutely an instigator."

"I really enjoy social boozing, and what I enjoy about it is when people I know and care about say and do things they normally wouldn't say or do," he tells the magazine. "To make that happen I'll instigate anything."

"As for the skinny-dipping, when I was a kid there wasn't a huge delineation in our family between having clothes on or not having clothes on," he says.

"And the reason I have so much fun doing it now is people are so shocked by it, and, like, 'Oh, my God, Fox just took his clothes off!' But, I mean, just how long ago was it that we were all wandering around in loincloths?"

...was everyone else remotely affiliated with Columbia busy on May 15th? Why is this man speaking at Class Day? Something must be done...

The following is the opinion of Bwog's Monday editor, Dan D'Addario.

We're not anti-entertainer snobs; there are plenty of talented alumni who could have been excellent speakers (as the Class Day speaker must have graduated from Columbia, excepting John McCain, somehow). Anna Paquin is an accomplished stage actress and Oscar-winner, Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the most talented actresses of her generation, Brian Dennehy is the biggest bad-ass ever. No, seriously. Jim Jarmusch is a brilliant filmmaker, and Brian DePalma one of the most intriguing hit-or-miss filmmakers in the world. Dan Futterman an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. Any of these people might have had something interesting to say.

And these are only alternative speakers from the entertainment world. Warren Buffett? George Stephanopoulous? Brent Scowcroft? Kiran Desai? Scooter Libby - okay, perhaps not.

We're not going to pretend we wouldn't have bitched no matter who the Class Day speaker was, but seriously. Matthew Fox? Look at his IMDb profile and tell us whether you see any roles that you've heard of besides Party of Five - better remembered for introducing America to Jennifer Love Hewitt's and Neve Campbell's cleavage - and Lost, a cult show so engrossed with its cult nature that it's shedding viewers faster than Columbia sheds credibility. It seemed decent up until the polar bears in the forest, and Fox hardly lights the screen aflame with his acting talent. His SNL wasn't even good!

The man was in We Are Marshall, you say? Okay, perhaps, but a) it flopped in a way that suggests it'll be as well-remembered ultimately as Fox's Behind the Mask, and b) it was the McConaughey show anyway. Our Class Day speaker got upstaged by the smelliest-looking man in show business.

We're not trying to be mean. We're sure Fox is a great guy. Actually, as we think back to that interview, maybe he isn't. But we want a Class Day speaker that has accomplished more than being hot and lucking into a role on a show with a bunch of hot girls and then another that was a hit for a season and a half. Fox is hardly one of Columbia's most illustrious graduates, and, with due respect, should not be treated as such. In light of his comparative lack of credibility, Fox's invitation to speak should be rescinded.

Bwog invites all Columbia students to protest just as we protested McCain last year. Fox may not have authorized an illegal war, but then, what exactly HAS he done? To quote last year's anti-McCain buttons, "Fox does not speak for me."


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Better late than...ever?

I gotta say, I'm honestly surprised that it took them THIS long! We all know Jaters are pretty slow on the upswing, but shouldn't the Jacket-retaliatory "Sawyer & Juliet" ship thread have happened after episode 3x2, when she offered him the canteen?

So Jaters, start your engines, and careful you don't trip all over each other, signing your names to the newest Fuselage ship of Twu Wuv that never was!!


Suliet (Juliet and Sawyer ship): Because blondes have more fun

Welcome to this thread: an appreciation of the pairing that is Juliet and Sawyer.

I'm surprised that this pairing has been overlooked so far given the fact they are two intrguing and complex characters. Their interaction so far has been brief but spectacular. Afterall there was literally electricity in their first scene together. There is definite potential for the future development of what could be a fascinating and epic union.


Well, I must say, I expected this to be done earlier because as you said, the interaction between those has been captivating despite its brevity. I believe that when they did share a scene together there was undeniable connection. In Glass Ballerina, when Juliet had a gun to Kate's head, it was so quick that Sawyer could read her, they are like an open book to one another.
Now I am not one who can ship a couple if I obviously dislike one of the characters, and I honestly am not a big fan of Sawyer, so I can not fully invest in shipping them together because it would not be honest. However, I am just saying that this is a relationship to keep an eye out for because they have unbelievable potential and chemistry. Blondes do have more fun!!


"brief but spectacular"? Sawyer and Juliet have had two "scenes" together, if I recall correctly? In one, she shouted "hey", zapped him, and he fell down. Whoa. SPECTACULAR!! In the other, she offered him water, which he promptly dumped out while smirking at her in a "what the fuck ever" manner, before heading straight to Kate's pouty lips with great and enthusiastic fervor - - yeah, that shows you just how much he wants Jules. They read each other like an open book. SPECTACULAR!!

(Oh, and the one that claims "I am not one who can ship a couple if I obviously dislike one of the characters" really cracks me up, because as we all know, most Jaters despise Kate with the fire of 1000 suns.)

I almost feel guilty for mocking this one. Almost. But the little ones have really outdone themselves here. They're going to try oh, so hard to make it sound exciting & legit, and all they'll accomplish is to make their Johnny Come Lately desperation clearer than ever. Fish can smell fear, doncha know?

Good grief, little Bubbles. You really do make it too easy sometimes. Read more...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Giving credit where credit is due.

As you might imagine, I do quite a bit of reading in order to bring the snarky Lost fun here. While my low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity bring out my sarcastic and unforgiving sides, my sincere appreciation of reason, sanity and fair-play demands that I also give tribute to those who speak wisely, no matter who they are.

On site after site, I have read post after post interpreting the meaning and hidden meaning and between the lines meaning of the say you're sorry scene at the beginning of TTID. The following is the most compelling I have seen.

I give you words of clarity from a Jater:

"Kate's been calling him James since she found out his name (mostly) and I think maybe she tried to separate the entities. I saw the "Welcome home, Sawyer," as a kind of recognition of the fact that he'll never change.

Which is what I saw the "I'm Sorry" scene as. It boggles me that people are looking for one specific answer when there isn't one. Kate wanted Sawyer to apologize for ANYTHING. Start fresh. Second Chance. Do it right this time, James. Apologize for letting Karl go. Apologize for bossing me around. Apologize for accusing me of only sleeping with you because I thought you were a dead man. Apologize for leaving Jack behind. Apologize because I'm hurting and I need to know that the man I chose feels an ounce of remorse for anything.

"I ain't got nothing to be sorry for."

Welcome home, Sawyer.

She honestly wanted to try, even though I think she knew it wouldn't work. She gave Sawyer a chance and thankfully she's not the smoke monster. -- mysticxf"

So elegant and simple. So perfectly plain. Those of us on opposing ships were so busy seeing only our own ship angles, we neglected to just look at the scene. After reading this, I went back and watched that scene again and wondered, how could any of us have seen anything else?

Of course we completely disagree on interpretation of the remainder of the scene, but I wanted to share my appreciation of this one Jater post.

See, it can happen. I can actually agree with a Jater on occasion. And no, there is not a meteor about to fall on my head. Read more...

Was Gregg a Naughty Boy?

A little birdie told me via PM something interesting happened on the VIP boards. I completely missed it, and unfortunately they didn't have the foresight to copy the posts but...

Apparently Flyer wrote a post to Gregg Nations with her usual pro-Jack 'I love him throwing woman against walls' schtick and also some discussion of the location of Locke's upcoming flashback. Asking for clarification.

Gregg made some responses to the Jack show stuff and then said that Locke was in Ca. And he responded that it originally was Portland but was changed to CA and he had to find maps etc for the final location.

Flyer came back with a catty response about how his usual attention to detail must have been lacking because LOST magazine said it was Or.

Then Halfrek came in and edited Gregg and said "don't feel the spoilers" with a sort of "I am a mod" tone to it all. Gregg replied laughing about Halfrek's edits and saying how seriously she and the other mods took their jobs, that even being a VIP didn't protect him from them.

The entire post and replies has now been poofed and doesn't exist at all, here was the original link:

If Gregg didn't previously know how oppressive and stifled of free, open and humorous discussion the Fuse has become, he does now. Thanks to our lovely Halfrek, the Fuse ambassador for jack-boots, kicked puppies and over-obsessive use of duct tape. *rolls eyes* Read more...

Friday, March 2, 2007

Dude... is this the road to Shambala?

Ahhhhhh, this episode felt like a blast of fresh, clean ocean air after the stagnant reek of last week's Jackwhack. Like a taste of light pineapple sorbet cleansing the palate after a heavy, stomach churning dinner. Like a strong shot of penicillin after a bout of Bai Ling Skank Disease. Like...well, you get the picture. It was delightful!


Hurley finds Hope. I guess it's as good a place as any to start the long repair of Lost back from its Jack addiction. Good for him not blinking an eye when Sawyer told him Jack was still with the Others. In fact, good for all of them for not giving a hoot. The audience sure doesn't! This episode had Season One all over it! And it had masses of heart behind it.

Was it a little goofy that Hurley's mom didn't blink an eye when her son told her a METEOR had crashed into his restaurant? A little weird that Jin and Sawyer agreed to push Hurley and Charlie over a cliff to certain death? A little impossible that the van started without a working battery and/or any gas? Okay, okay, it wasn't what I'd call a plausible episode, but dude, it was funny. It was pure, happy entertainment. Who didn't at least chortle when Hurley's mom delicately covered the gold Jesus' statue's ear before confessing that she had 'needs'.

This entire episode was theme-centric. Determinism versus free will colored every single story in the episode: Hurley, Charlie, Jin, Kate and Sawyer. Hurley and Charlie set out to change their luck, or at the very least thumb their noses at their fates. Jin is clinging to his "born Korean" rut and afraid to try learning English. Kate is determined to save Jack the way she couldn't save Tom, resolved that her life will not cost another person theirs again. Sawyer, OTOH, is determined to stick to his white trash, never-will-be-any-good view of himself, clearly having no hope - no "motivation", as Kate put it. (Kate's motivation was made very clear, BTW. She owes Jack.) It's all about breaking the patterns and getting out of the rut of despair and fatalism. Sawyer's not there yet, but something tells me he's on the brink.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

How good was it to see Sawyer get out of that Brown Shirt of Agony and into the Ripped Blue t-shirt of Kicking Back with the Boys? Is blue his color or what?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


- The twinkle in Sayid's eye, the sardonic lift of his eyebrow when he told Kate that John had a direction in mind, "From the way the sunlight glinted off Eko's stick when he buried him."

- Charlie's reply to Sawyer about why he was there - "I came to ride shot-gun," with a big grin and wink at his potentially unhinged friend, Hurley.

- Hurley's drive and determination, the way he made Charlie "Snap out of it!" and then lifted Sawyer right up off his butt and made him get to work.

- The sweet hug between Kate and Sun--Kate needs a girlfriend about now. Can you imagine a scene where Kate says to Sun, "So...Sawyer and I finally did it. In a bear cage."

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Loved how Sawyer went storming after Hurley only to be swallowed into a big bear hug that he couldn't resist.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Loved his manly reunion with Jin-Bo, real affection there.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

His reaction when he saw the head!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Laughing at Jin's English lessons.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And Boys and a Dog with the VW Bus, surrealistic moments of joy dropped like a gift into their unremittingly miserable existence.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jin giving Sun the flower, harkening back to their courtship days when all he had to give her was a flower. Sawyer might have told him what to say, but a flower is worth a 1000 words.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then of course Sawyer's face when he realized that Kate wasn't there, all the happiness drained out instantly...a classic scene of him shaking back his hair and popping a beer, trying to pretend to himself he doesn't care...when that's never going to be possible for him again.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whose show is this anyway?

As much as we've all heard this is the Jack Show, that Jack is the main character and therefore the one most completely delineated, the actual experience of watching the show is entirely different. The truth is the character that is growing, changing, evolving before our eyes is Sawyer - with or without flashbacks, he may be the only character that reaches the level of becoming real before our eyes. In the beginning, nothing but a selfish hoarder, self protective and cold...this episode we saw a man subtly but indelibly changed by his experiences since the crash. The big, tough hardass was a little boy who watched Little House on the Prairie by himself in his trailer - that alone gives the guy more humanity than a dozen Jackbacks have shown us. He wanted to attack Hurley for drinking his Scotch, but instead ended up involved in Hurley's quest for hope, not an aloof bystander anymore, but a friend - reluctantly, cantankerously, irritably, sarcastically - but a friend nonetheless. He's still Sawyer, still funny and stupid and cranky, but he's also a tragic figure, a man in love who isn't going to be able to escape the pain of his humanity for much longer. No matter how hard they tried to shove the Jack Show down our throats, Jack has remained a one dimensional figure of screaming, eye bulging arrogance and domination. But Sawyer is deepening, softening and changing before our eyes in a way that always feels real and natural. Credit to Josh Holloway here for taking a character that probably was meant as little more than a cartoon and turning it into one of television's most compelling and intriguing characters - simultaneously comic and tragic and - rising above often bad material - always human, natural, believable and real.

The Return of the Shipper Scorecard

- Kate looks at James with love and hope, begging with her eyes for him to put his walls down before they have to face their friends....Skate +10

- He (of course) only puts his walls up higher...Skate -10
- He looks at her, sad and longing, when she can't see him....Skate +5

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

- She looks at him, sad and longing, when he can't see her....Skate +5

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

- She takes off without a word to pay what she owes to St. Jack of Ass ...Jate + .01 (obligation tax)

- His face when he can't find her to offer his peace offering, skunk beer...Skate +awwww

- Kate picking up the net of LUUURVE near Rousseau's camp...Jate +ROTFLMAO!!!!

- The split screen of the now separated lovers, united by the torch Kate carries with her, the not at all subtle sign that Jate has been buried in a hole so deep it would take sonar to ever find it again...???


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